Prince William and Kate Middleton Planning "Wedding of the Century"

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Prince William has not officially proposed yet to Kate Middleton.

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    Your potahgrophy successfully captured all that we will treasure forever !! An excellent job done John Paul !


    I don't mean to put a damper on their engagement but William giving Kate his late Mother's engagement ring wasn't a good idea. Rings that we wear pick up the wearers vibes and no matter how much the ring is cleaned, the ring will always have the original wearers vibe attached to it and we all know how unhappy Diana was in her marriage to love-cheat Charles. William should have given Kate a new engagement, and perhaps given his mother's ring or perhaps had the stones from the ring reset into a necklace for Kate. Just my thoughts but it would be tragic if something were to befall William.


    All these rumours going around about William and Kate have set a date for the Wedding, i always thought it was traditional for British royals to marry only on Wednesdays far the dates i have heard going around none are on a Wednesday so dont believe them.


    The only thing William will be proposing is a speedy getaway from this long term katie Watie. I mean, let's be real. It's been a long seven or eight year relationship and he still has not made it clear if he wants to marry Kate. We must remember folks that he said he will marry after he turns 28. That could be he will only marry once he's in his 30s. I mean, let's face it all this spectulation is getting us nowhere. As for as this big announcement goes about a date being set for the wedding this coming June 3rd of 4th, I hear that the charming so-called groom will be far away in the country on some royal duty as well as the Queen. So, in short, don't believe the hip coming from these magazines. They will say anything to tell a story. Poor Kate doesn't even have a ring to show off to her friends, which I'm sure she would do like any other girl in her shoes if they hand one.


    i dont think so? they dont look like they would have a big wedding or big jewlery just a little wedding with the diana's ring but i could be wrong i am talking about the next king!
    is he getting married cause hes getting bald?(just wondering out loud)


    PLEASE print the oly story everybody wants to hear- that Harry is NOT CHarles' son. Harry is the image of James Hewitt, Diana's boyfriend in 1994- please print that story!!


    Hi William my name is Katie Ruth Kremer I would to meet you and your father and borther. I would like to come to England to meet you.



    As if William would allow any details to be made public...this is a rag trying to sell magazines without a ounce of truth to it


    Sounds like it's going to be a real Hootenanny!


    Neither one of those kids look anything like Charles....Thank God! :P

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