Pamela Anderson Voted Off Dancing with the Stars

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She's gotten no respect all season long, but still put together a terrific run. Sadly, that run is over for Pamela Anderson and her partner Damian Whitewood.

Voted off Dancing with the Stars after the seventh week, she had no hard feelings: “I wish everybody continued success,” she said. “I love everybody here.”

She repeatedly thanked her dance partner, saying, “You taught me so much,” and vowed to support each of the remaining contestants as they forge ahead.

Judge Bruno Tonioli, not known to appreciate the sexy, called Anderson “a great performer” and “somebody who brings life to every character she plays.”

If nothing else, she dances off into the sunset, head held high.

Pam and Damian's Last Dance

Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood dance farewell.

Somewhat surprisingly, Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy joined Pam and Damian in the bottom two last night, despite Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel accounting for the lowest overall point total on Monday evening.

Still, the scores were bunched together and aside from Evan Lysacek's perfect effort, everyone did pretty well, so you can't say Pam was totally robbed.

The voters had to kick off somebody, and the bombshell got the short straw. On we go to next week. Click to enlarge some of Pam's top Dancing moments:

Pam Gets Low
Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood
Pam and Damian Dancing
Pamela Anderson, Damian Whitewood Picture
Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood Pic

With Pamela out and just five couples remaining here in Season 10, who are you pulling for on Dancing with the Stars? Vote in our survey:


I couldn't believe that Pamela was voted off.She added some great glamour to this show..


Aw, I'm pretty upset...I really appreciated her on this show. It really proves that she isn't some stereotype dumb blonde but she can actually dance well and she works really hard!


I cannot believe Niecy has outlasted Jake and now Pamela! This show must be fixed! She is really funny and I like her, but, her dancing leaves alot to be desired. This show sucks!!


Really? It surprises people? When you represent greedy, ignorant, lying groups such as PETA you should expect these sort of social slaps. Pamela Anderson represents every stereotype of a blonde as what you are going to get with a ton of ignorance and arrogance thrown on top. Trying to trash people through lies and deceipt doesn't win you votes Pamela no matter how big your bra is - this ain't auditioning for Baywatch.


So disappointed. Pam was the reason why I watched the show. She is gorgeous and unlike some of the contestants she didn't have any dance experience so it gave people like me hope that I could dance. I kind of get the impression that some women were jealous of Pam and that's why she didn't get the right amount of votes.


i have to admit, i was somewhat disappointed when pam was voted off. when i learned she was going to be on dwts, i was expecting another holly madison. pam surprised me! she improved every week and i thought she did an excellent job.

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