Ousted Bachelor to Ali: Pick Chris Lambton!

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As The Bachelorette spoilers accurately predicted, Rhode Islander Jay was not among Ali Fedotowsky's chosen rose recipients on the season premiere Monday.

But he knows which guy who did get a rose he'd like to see win.

"Well, it was a good time," Jay told Us Weekly following his ouster. "You're just not used to a situation where there are about 50 cameras and 24 other guys."

Now that Jay's out of the running, who should be Ali's final pick?

"Chris from Cape Cod was a really good guy," he said of Chris Lambton, a landscaper, hunk and former high school teacher in New York. "They kind of hit it off really well... He was really funny and she seemed to really like him initially."


Will Ali follow Jay's advice and pick Chris?

One personal detail that Chris Lambton shared with the cameras but not with Ali Fedotowsky, at least not yet: he left New York City to care for his dying mother.

"I was happy he didn't get into the whole story about his mom passing away which is terrible," Jay said. "He could've used that card maybe to play that up."

"He's a really good guy and I really hope it works out for them."

Jay has no hard feelings himself: "Ali's gorgeous - and so nice!"

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Chris is sure to be another woman's dream come true. It seems like Ali was more in love with the idea of rcaonme than getting the real deal! It would be nice to see Chris as the next Bachelor, but if he's smart he'll quietly go his own way and find the woman of his dreams away from the glitz and glam of The Bachelor. How long do you think Ali and Roberto will last?


Please, please, please choose Chris L. from Mass. as the next Bachelor!!!


I want Chris to win but I think she picks roberto...
and hes going to dump her in a few weeks.. he's not that into her.
and chris would have loved her forever,she will be sorry...


chris is so sweet loving guy there both in love with each other and they will make the prettyest babies ever this guy is ali soulmate


Chris L. has to be picked. I love his genuine self. He expresses great happeness among Ali and him. Hopefully he will win!!!


My vote is for Chris! He is a geniune guy and cares so much about his family, that right there shows how well he will take care of her and she will be number one to him. Jesse should have not went last night!And there is a obvious connection with her and robert but something is missing there.
Most of these guys are nuts! Justin is annoying, Thank God Cry baby Jonthan is gone and Kasey where to even start with that creep!!!
I'm excited to see what Kirk is hiding next week, hope it's not to bad or my thoughts are going to change!


there nothing wrong with a isurance agent I think she should pick Robert but I guess that wont happen she will most likely pick Chris from her home town.

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