Miley Cyrus REALLY Can't Be Tamed

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Miley Cyrus has left Hannah Montana behind.

In case that wasn't obvious by the singer's choice to exit the Disney Channel show this year, Cyrus makes it abundantly clear in her music video for "Can't Be Tamed."

While the full video won't be premiere for 24 hours - return to THG tomorrow night after 7 p.m. for its online debut! - E! News has released a few images from it.

Read the racy lyrics to the single NOW and then prepare for your jaw to drop when you enlarge the following photos. Look out, Britney, Christina and Lady Gaga: Miley is on the prowl!


Not all people that criticize her are haters. Some are just genuinely concerned about the direction she is heading, especially with the opportunity she seems to have to show a different image to girls than others in the industry do.
However, it is possible to express what you think without calling her the names that some people do...


hey you there yeah i'm talkin' to all you miley cyrus haters ya'll need to get a life and stop hattin'on miley cryus just cuz she's beautiful and talented and can sing and can act better than ya'll can


@sheena, lifes not all about becoming a lawyer, doctor or stuff like dat, if everybody did dat it would be boring, but miley isnt losing out cos shes beautiful talented and probably smarter dan u'll eva be, get a life cos sayin all this mean things dont mean shit to her, shes rich and famous, got family who love her.....what more could u ask for....miley haters get a life!!!!!!!


miley rocks!! we love you miley! @xmileyray


wow i am so tired of haters! if you have nothing good to say, don't comment at all. seriously why are u guys hating on Miley? hatig aint gona get you anywhere except making you bitter. leave the girl alone, no one of you have proof of her being a slut. oh no, the thing is yall don't know the definition of slut, go find a dictionary haters! p.s hollywood that's real talk.


Boo, whore!


did you have sex


Oooo! Look at everyone getting all scared because a girl is showing some sexuality! Give me a break; she's 17. I proudly gave my virginity away at that age with someone I trusted and I don't think it's too young at all. In fact, it's empowering for a girl her age to claim it instead of letting herself get taken advantage of because she's listening to what others think she should be. Look, I'm not a fan of her music in general but I'm applauding her willingness to break away from the Disney thing in a way that isn't maddening. She's got a voice and, unlike Britney was, she's not an idiot with no idea how she's being portrayed. Kudos to her for claiming her identity before everyone else tries to. Brava!


Everyone is so right, she is just so talented and so awesome. Not at all like the untalented actress,Merle Streep, whom had to go to college at Yale to study acting and then spend more years studying and performing on the stage honing her craft. Miley jumped right into to the Hannah Montana role perfectly. And her singing is also just awesome, and she could knock Maria Callas and Placido out of the water any day with her singing. Yeah Right!


wow... amazing... miley rocks...


Miley Cyrus Biography

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Miley Cyrus has evolved tremendously over the years. Initially known for portraying Hannah Montana, the singer/actress made an effort to... More »
Franklin, Tennessee
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Destiny Hope Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Quotes

Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

Miley Cyrus [at a concert, soon after photo scandal broke]

I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

Miley Cyrus [on lewd photos]