Lindsay Lohan Squares Off with Judge, Volcano

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The judge in Lindsay Lohan's DUI case wants her a$$ in court. The problem? She's in France and the Icelandic ash cloud may mean her return is no Cannes do.

Lohan's presence is required in court on Thursday for a hearing to establish if she is in compliance with the terms of her ongoing probation for a DUI conviction.

It had been unclear whether Lindsay was required to be there in person. The judge said she is. If she's not there, a bench warrant could be issued for her arrest.

Following a pair of DUI arrests in 2007, the 23-year-old was ordered to complete an 18-month alcohol education program or serve a suspended jail sentence.

Whether she's complied with this is highly debatable.

Life is grand in Cannes for train wreck Lindsay Lohan.

Reports say Lindsay has slacked hard core when it comes to attending mandatory classes (partying like a madman won't help her cause) and may end up jailed.

Clearly living in denial, Lohan flew out from New York on Friday and arrived in Nice, France on Sunday for the Cannes Film Festival. How long will she be there?

That may depend ... on Mother Nature. Sources say she can't get a flight to the U.S. because of the volcanic ash from Iceland hampering European airspace.

Airports all over the continent are jam-packed and it's impossible to get a seat. Wonder how the volcanic ash excuse will play before LL'sa no-nonsense judge.


Why dont they throw the book at her? how many excuses will the DA
in LA put up with this??? If she was a regular joe she would have been arrested and sentanced to 180 days in the clink. Total BS
Wake up America 2 systems of justice. She is not even a celebrity anymore is she? all she does is post and get F/U online.
Why do we put up with this ????


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