Lindsay Lohan Lives in a World of Denial

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If you only watched the video interview with Lindsay Lohan below (and she looks relatively lucid, don't get us wrong), you'd think things couldn't be finer for her.

Even though she's been in New York and now Cannes to introduce her kinky new role, Lohan says she's "in compliance more than ever" with her traffic school.

That's funny in itself, as you're either in compliance or you're not ... there is no more or less. She has to complete one DUI education class a week for 13 weeks.

She's finished nine, four shy of the amount required prior to her progress hearing Thursday. In other words, she's living in denial ... and may soon be living in jail.

The no-nonsense judge has made it clear that if she is in violation of her probation, jail is on the table, as is an arrest warrant if she doesn't show up for court.

It's all good for Lindsay, though, blaming celebrity gossip sites for her problems (when she plays right into their hands) being generally blase about DUI stuff:


I think she's in desperate need of guidance. I know's she's a 23 yr old woman that loves to party but honey get a grip! You've got a warrant out for your arrest now, and instead of trying to contact the authorities, you just kept partying. She clearly doesn't care if she abused herself mentally and physically, and blaming her misfortune on celebrity websites and verbally attacking any person. Honey accept humility and get help it's long overdue :-/


she needs to be locked up withher mom.....her mom should be tried for attempted negligent homicide (if there is such a charge...if not, start a petition)....


She needs to have been in jail a long time ago. Now she just needs a good beating up.


Lindsey is a terrible human being. This will only end when someone physically bitch slaps her into the stone age. From throwing drinks in the faces of innocent bystanders, to stealing peoples possessions, to defying court orders...I'm sick of it. And of her. No more sympathy for this bitch. She truly, honestly, sincerely, needs the next person she pulls her shit with to haul back and punch the fuck out of her. Maybe when she has a smashed face, no teeth, and a fractured eye she can realize you don't get to do whatever you want without consequence. I'm sick of this bitch.


This chick needs a major reality check. Perhaps either actually going to jail, or a rehab place would do her wonders. Why isn't see told she must go to rehab, and if she fails to comply, then the BIOTCH is going to jail. I think if you take away her options, she will see there is no other choice. This could really save her life, too bad she seems not to care about her life anymore. I mean, how could she, looks at how she is treating her body. In my opinion, at least.


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