Kristen Stewart: Not Even a Tiny Bit Pregnant

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Welcome to tabloid journalism 101, readers. Pay close attention to this lesson...

Earlier this week, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson taped an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show that will air tomorrow afternoon.

As reported by THG, the pair met with the host beforehand and were warned that she'd ask about the status of their relationship. At this point, Rob and Kristen admitted they were dating - but said they didn't wish to discuss it on-air.

Oprah said fine, they could shoot down the question however they wanted to when it came up.

So, when the cameras rolled and the inevitable was asked, Pattinson joked that Stewart was pregnant. That's it. End of story. Oprah viewers will see these 10 seconds play out tomorrow, as part of an in-depth interview that reveals actual information.

Now, cut to this week's OK! Weekly cover:

Misleading Cover


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yo dawgs k-stew's not prego so cool all d conflict yo its bella dats prego in the movie dawgs so stop acting like a bunch a f**king reatrds yo and @dumbass stop harshing other ppl's opinion yo yo relly dumbass yo so stop dawg!! BODOW!!!


natasha is retarded.


The websight is saying the mag is wrong, Natasha. No1's sueing anybody. pfft.


god why do mags av 2 put such rubbish in without getting the prpoer information lol xx


Heack no it is just a whole big gigantic lie kristn is not preg do NOT belive what you read rob was just kiding on oprah if you acctuly wached it you would understand. But this i am possitive it is not real and if rob and kristn found out about this they wolud sue this website


this is great r on o i love r i dont care if r and k are together or not just give us the skinny and be done with n this tabuloid lie fest


Wat?! NOT pregnant? i wanted to see their lovely baby!


They make a good couple


haha i think ok! has a giant wheel with celebrity pictures on it and everyday they pick a new headline and spin to see who they are going to write it about!

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