Kate Gosselin: The Worst Dancer Ever

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Last night's Dancing with the Stars finale saw the coronation of a new champion, and also the return of some memorable cast members who aren't quite as good.

When it comes to rhythm, Kate Gosselin is the anti-Nicole Scherzinger. While we give her credit for trying, last night's effort was LOL worthy ... especially the end.

The reality TV mom returned to the stage Tuesday after shilling for the revamped Kate Plus 8 and the new Twist of Kate (wonder if TLC paid for that ad) of course.

It was not pretty. The only thing worse than her dancing is her relentless whining in rehearsal - even after she insists she wants to have a better attitude, no less.

But the best part, however unintentionally? The end, in which Kate flew over the stage and stared awkwardly into a fish-eye lens. What was that supposed to be?

Who the heck knows, but it's worth repeated viewing ...

On a side note, by request: Would you hit it?


Kate is a terrible dancer....she told us herself in the beginning you psycho, stalking, whining Kate haters. You are doing exactly what you accuse her of!!! Get off her back!!! She is trying to make a living for her children, ALONE, doing whatever it takes. Like to see you do what she is doing with the grace and determination she has. Kate keep your faith in God and continue to teach your children the same. You know where the attacks come from. Just remember "He who is in me is greater that he that is in the world." I am watching, supporting and praying for you and your children. Be blessed.


I would like to see shows wit Kate and her 8 putting God first in their lives on the show.


You know she did try~ not every one can dance but the effort was there. As far as the tears at times, if you had lost a husband because of another woman then the tears will come, I have been there. I saw fear and sadness from her. Every one is so quick to judge. Stop and think if you were out there danceing on tv. Some people can and some can't.


I have nothing against Kate, but I have never seen a worst dancer in my life. I can't believe she lasted as long as she did. She must have a serious fan club out there. She never danced, SHE WALKED through the entire routine. It was like she was afraid to move. And, she got worse as the weeks went by. She gave the impression like she didn't care or was exhausted or depressed. She had such a flat affect not only in her expression but throughtout her entire body. But she does look pretty good for carrying and giving birth to eight babies.


calling this woman the "worst dancer ever" and her "relentless whining" was worse than her dancing is just crazy....she was not a great dancer; but, def not the worst dancer ever (Buzzzzzzz)....and the "whining" you refer to was what?? was it when she changed her mind about doing a "difficult" turn???Relentless, really....really???...don't be so desperate to entice drama, it is psycho....really relentless craziness, lol

Free britney

crazy & angry bitterness? psycho, stalker-ish? what in the above article falls into either category? she does whine, is bad at dancing, and the bit at the end was unintentionally funny.


once again, the crazy & angry bitterness you writers display is crazy....psycho, stalker-ish....creep me out....


I think we need a 'would you hit it' poll guys


Am I going insane or is Kate Gosselin starting to look MILFy?

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We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

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