Blake Lively Cleavage: Airbrushed Out By Vogue!

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Blake Lively's breasts cannot be tamed. Gossip Girl fans know this all too well, as Serena's eye-popping outfits and utter disdain for bras are well-documented.

The actress often follows suit in real life, too, as you can see below (left). But did Vogue try to dampen the cleavage factor in its latest cover shoot with Blake?

Check out the comparison below. How in the world is that the same girl on the right? Don't get us wrong, she'd still be gorgeous, but she's not Kate Hudson.

Something is definitely amiss here ...

A Blake Lively Bikini Photo

For whatever reason, Vogue gave Blake Lively a breast reduction.

So why, Vogue? Why??!! Because you're a "high fashion" magazine? Don't ask us why possessing ample breasts and cleavage makes Blake unfashionable by default.

How many times have you seen actresses airbrushed to appear more voluptuous? Here you have a natural beauty like this and they play it down. What gives?

Would Vogue's female readership be that offended if their Blake Lively pictures showcased her curves? Outrageous. We demand answers ... and an apology.

Blake Lively looks better with ...


Yah... She is definitely not a "natural" beauty Hollywood Gossip... she looks good though


No one uses an airbrush anymore. It's all digital retouching. Get into the 21st century with your critique Hollywood Gossip!


I wish I had her body.
So jealous. It's not perfect, but it's still great.


The fake boobs are fine since they work well on her, but she isn't very curvaceous. I think she's got a great body, and an OK face.


She had a huge nose and a flat chest. It's great surgery though, probably the best i've seen. You can't tell unless you knew what she looked like before.
She's got a great body, and I'm jealous.


i agree with hollywood gossip. not her fault she was born well endowed lol. love gossip girl and blake.


She's disgusting plastic vomit.. total plastic surgery product..

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