ABC to Air Miley Cyrus: Live from London

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Miley Cyrus is about to make her primetime, network television debut.

Just a few days before her new album is released on June 22, ABC will air a one-hour special titled Miley Cyrus: Live from London.

It will be centered around footage from the singer's concert at O2 Arena in England, which was part of her Wonder World Tour. According to an ABC press release:

The program captures how Miley, who has grown up in the public eye, has grown as an artist, and reveals her natural progression and sophistication. The concert is gleaned from the full-length concert that will be available for sale June 22 on the deluxe version of Miley’s album.

Miley Strolls

Look for Cyrus to perform some of her biggest hits during the program, such as “Seven Things,” “Party in the USA” and “The Climb.”

We're sure Miley will explain to the world why she can't be tamed, as well.

This special airs on June 18 at 8 p.m. Will you tune in for it?

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you are so beautiful when i see your photo ,in my mind only 3words are i want be your friend


Hahah i'm stupid hahah so embarrassing she wasn't going to have a concert it was a video or something from the concert last year omg I'm stupid. don't read the other things i writed i'm so weird, hahah


Where can i buy tickets for the concert?????!!!!
OMG! i relay wont two tickets cause then i can go with my best friend and our dreams would come true,just for being in the same country as her.
If we doesn't go on her concert we are going to do as last time she was in London, try to hear her from our houses its just about 665 mile(if i counted right)over the sea, from Sweden.
It didn't work then but i hope know;P(not serious, I'm not stupid)
I love her!!


i so want to get to the concert :D
i live in denmark, and i want to see miley :D ♥
love her[;


@THG: Hey Y'all! It's Hollywood! So you know there's absolutely No-Need to ask ME this question---Right?(Ha,ha!) I'll will be here,glued to my TV(so to speak)watching the Supergirl Rock England to the ground! YEAH,BUDDY!!! Can't wait to see-it!! I caught her concert here last year,and---It Was AWESOME!! She definitely Rocked Nashville Nov.25th(And I smiled all the way through Thanksgiving the next day!) So June 18th,it's all about ABC,and Miley! Then,June 22nd(right after I pick-up the new CD)I'm off to see her LIVE at the Nashville Rising flood-relief Benefit...MAN! What a Month June is turning into! My birthday is in the following month,but I swear it must be falling in June this year---Happy Birthday to Me! Ha,ha! I'll probably not stop smiling for the next two months! Lol!! Thanks for the heads-up,THG! Later;Hollywood---OUT!