Sex Kitten Cyrus: The "Can't Be Tamed" Album Cover

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In case you haven't heard, Miley Cyrus can't be tamed.

Seriously. She's like some sort of sex-crazed peacock that people want to cage, but who wants to be part of something she doesn't know - and if you try to hold her down, she might explode.

At least that's what Miley sings in her latest single, "Can't Be Tamed." The lyrics are explicit and self-serving, while the video has stirred up controversy because it's clear Cyrus has left her Hannah Montana persona behind. Way, way behind.

Comparatively, the album cover for this June 22 release is actually quite tame, and laughable. Miley looks like she's trying WAY too hard to appear seductive, doesn't she?

Purse those lips and grab that belt buckle, Miley! It's time to look sexy!

Compare this cover to Miley's 2008 CD, "Breakout" and it's clear the singer has come a long way. That's fine, but will her teenage fans follow her into adulthood? That remains to be seen...

Miley Cyrus has broken free from her "Breakout" image. What a difference two years makes.


@xxbeetlejuice: Compared to what people (including girls much younger than 17) wear at the beach, this is actually conservative. And remember, in 38 out of 50 states the age of consent is 17. She's done with puberty and exploring her sexuality.


you're so right mr. X.. I was huge fan of miley and her songs but i dont know why she is trying to be slut or like lady gaga! she is just 17! and her new album cant be tamed is really suck! this album is not her style and really ridiculous!!!! miley you should return to your own style not slutty style! i know that you trying to stay away from your hannah montana style and thats really childish but you should pay attention about your style i luv your break out album but cant be tamed is really suck !!! RETURN TO YOUR OWN STYLE!!!!!!!!!


she's so cocky


it's obvious she is trying to erase that hannah montana image, but i think its way ridiculous if she get that image when 6 year old kids look up to her, they might say "mommy, mley turns into a clown!" and their parents will no more allow their kids to watch her and more people will avoid seeing her. come on miley, you still got your spirit of young and label of virgin because you wear that purity ring on your finger (i think so). so stop being so sensational, gaga is an adult! not a tennager!


Very true mr.X.


Butit doesn't stop there. Millions of people label you as a slut, try to make you look like a horrible person with their hateful comments and rumors, and then start hating on your whole family. They constantly hate on your parents, your brother, and even attack your 9-year-old sister! I've even see people make comments about Miley like, "She should get kidnapped and raped. Then maybe she'll learn to keep her clothes on" or "I wouldn't care if she got raped and killed" or "she should die", and of course they say things like "she's a fucking horny whore/slut". How would you feel if people were that cruel to you on the internet? Ot to a younger sibiling or your child (if you have one)? yes, Miley says snd does dumb things sometimes, but we all do. Plus she's a teenager. People are so hateful.


nice photoshop job on the stomach,
buut they could have least photoshoped her stomach to match the rest of her body.
poor job on the chipmunk face though, they should have focused on that.
and her lips are retarted, did she suck liams dick too hard the night before.?
jesus, shes a moron.
if shes trying to be like brit brit in the golden era, she needs to try harder, cause at least brit could sing.
trashy sluut.


I Don't Care What Haters Say I Think Miley Looks Hot And The Song [Rokin] I Love Miley CyrusAnd It's Her Life If She Does What She Does


Whatevs people!I love it the song rocks!!!! I dont like the lip ring lol but she is cool! I will Buy it.


Quite frankly, I think she's a joke.
She's trying to act an age that she's not at yet. She's trying to be so mature like Britney or even Gaga, and I think it's rediculous. I think just because she's famous, that does not give the right to let her get away with so many things, when they ARE innapropriate for somebody her age - the new video for!?
Now, not everything she does is innapropriate, but that cover, sorry, but I would not be letting my 17 year old daughter dress like that, when she turns 18/19, even 20, have at it, but she's not even legal to vote yet, give me a fuckin break.


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