The Height of Hypocrisy: The Kardashians Are Desperate to Lose Weight

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It doesn't get any more hypocritical than Kim and Khloe Kardashian.

We have no problem with the talentless reality stars taking advantage of society's obsession with celebrities, shilling for various products and posing for magazines. But we do ask for a semblance of consistency in their stances, especially when they affect young girls across the country.

Earlier this month, Kim posed naked for Harper's Bazaar because it offered her lots of money she wanted to send a message: "Embrace your curves and who you are."

But this is the same woman that touts the unregulated weight loss supplement QuickTrim at every opportunity.

The Kardashians celebrated Kourtney's 31st birthday in Vegas... by sending terrible messages to every female fan.

It's also the same woman who told Us Weekly over the weekend that "my sister weighs less than I do, and she just had a baby... that's kind of fascinating to me."

When Kourtney said breastfeeding new son Mason was a significant reason behind her rediscovered bikini body, Khloe chimed in:

"If that's all it takes... then someone breastfeed off of me! I don't care!"

Was Khloe joking? Of course. But do millions of teenage girls actually suffer from body weight issues and look to people such as the Kardashians for advice and self-esteem? Sadly, yes.

It would be refreshing if these sisters actually took that responsibility seriously.

Sisters in Vegas
MGM Grand Pose
Klassic Kim
The Birthday Gal
Khloe on the Red Carpet

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Just a bunch of hypocrites who will do/say anything for a buck! Unfortunately, their fan base consists of impressionable teens who follow their tedious tweets like the Bible. Add to that those who hate these trash bags and you've got a huge following -- until the next reality team of fools usurps them!


Um no Kims not a porn star, everyone makes mistakes in their life and I'm sure if they were regular people who wasnt in the lime light all the time none of yall would be talkin crap about the family. They live life just like everyone else they just are a little better off then most of us. And Khloe is pretty and whats sad is I bet the people talkin all the crap about this family have more problems than the Kardashians so why dont yall just get over your selfs...


Christina honey clean out you eyes Khloe is not georgeous she looks like Chewbacca.


Christina have u seen Kim's sex tape I have & yeah she is a porn star and took it like a pro!!


first off people need to back off the sisters. all 3 are equally pretty and i think those who would say other wise are just jealous. just cause your stupid and insecure is no need to take it out on people that are pretty and make more money then you. and to leah if you think kim is a porn star i would have to say your just mad cause you dont have a body to be a porn star. at least kim's got the body. and khloe is gorgeous so get over yourself. everyone just needs to back the hell off the Kardashians...


Kim is plastic and a porn star! Khloe is ugly & i dont believe her dad is Robert Kardashian. Kourney is o.k. She seems to be the only one who listens to her own heart and doesnt whore herself out to rich athletes as per the advice of their pimp whore mother.


Kourtney has always been the better looking one. She also appears to more normal one too.

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