Sandra Bullock-Jesse James Divorce Countdown: Moving Van in the House!

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As speculation continues to build about Sandra Bullock's plans to leave Jesse James, a moving van was seen in front of James' Seal Beach, Calif., home.

According to celebrity photo and gossip agency X17, movers loaded a couch, a love seat and numerous boxes onto the truck, while a man and a woman in a separate car also arrived around the same time to pick up additional items.

The Exclusive Showdown

Bullock has been laying low in her Hollywood Hills home ever since the humiliating cheating scandal exploded surrounding her husband of nearly five years.

She has scarcely been seen in the past couple of weeks, with assistants coming and going from the house, which she owned prior to marrying James.

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock in happier times. Like a month ago.

The Academy Award winner is said to have moved out of the Seal Beach house on March 15, after she learned of James' tawdry affair with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

A Bullock pal says that the actress "definitely" plans to file for divorce, and that "she is over him." But she has yet to comment or take any public action to that effect.

James is seeking treatment at an undisclosed rehab facility following several allegations of his infidelity. His attorney, Joe Yanny, says he "is in love with Sandra" and that "he's a broken man" amid the developments of the past few weeks.

A broken man of his own volition, but a broken man just the same.

What do you think Sandra Bullock should do?


While Sandy definitely has a ton more wealth that JJ it is also true that JJ is not poor, and doesn't need to rely on Sandy'as money to survive. So much for Sandy's so-called "love". She turned on JJ in less than a nano-second.


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Sandra is one of the planet's most beloved persons, period. It's quite stunning that Jesse chose to go shopping for someone else, and in many opinions, of lesser quality as a person. I, nor any of us will know the true inside story, but my, and millions of other fans hearts go out to Sandra. Be strong girl and know that your fan base has got your back. Can't imagine the heart-ache in knowing that the one that you thought had your back, turned out to be stabbing you in it .... sigh. Low life loser. Sandra, you are so loved in this world, dump the chump and move on and hopefully happiness will follow in time.


Recently, most famous men have converted to sex rehab, after being caught cheating. Is that a cope out or what!!!! How about we are just dogs and cant keep our dicks in our pants. The grass is not always greener on the other side!!!!!


No matter how much rehab JJ has, Sandra still sees him as a cheater and this rehab stunt is because Sandra makes the most money and has the most money. Anyone can see what he and his attorneys are up to. His attorneys will try every trick in the book to get him more money. Sandra has houses everywhere, she should file for divorce in one of the states that doesn't say a spouse recieves half. She's great, and behind her all the way.

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