Presenting: Justin Bieber or Die!

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As we discussed earlier this week, this is Justin Bieber's world. The rest of us just reside in it, and if we should be so lucky, get an occasional glimpse of the teen god.


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    JB sucks! lol he carnt sing and looks lke a girl nuthing like bigging yourslef up hay??


    JB sucks! lol he carnt sing and loks lke a girl nuthing like bigging yourslef up hay??


    hey hey i luv ya!


    lol at the bieber haters... Justins done nothing but good for the world.


    justin bieber is a faggot who needs to go jump off a fucking bridge. There's enough shitty music these days without thiw queer making it worse.


    i love you rilly rilly bad do i have posters on my walls and in my closet in my bath room and in my locker


    i luv you justin i know the person that threw the watter bottel at you justin im sarry after the concert i pounch my friend and she ended up not my friend


    I WANNA KNOW IF THAT IS REALLY JUSTIN BIEBERS WORDS! does anyone have the answer for me? is its not i will just replace my justin bieber poster with a poster of a loser. oh wait, he will still be up there.


    hey i used to like u justin but now i saw this video at the top i hate u! why wud say stuff like that? wot happened to the sweet inoccent guy with down to earth i used to admire? u used to be an inspiration to teens across the globe with your warm heart, but now u r just a disgrace to human nature. let me know when that spoilt wanna be is dead.


    oh and proberly think i'm just another one of those fans...........i do like you and all...but......i'm not like the others....seriously...i'm trying to get in touch with you..but....this is my only closest way.......i'm not like the others..i really need you i'm not like the others! ....please justin..i need your help!!!

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