New Tiger Woods Nike Ad: Brave or Shameless?

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Nike's new Tiger Woods ad - released just hours before the golfer's return to the sport at The Masters - is a confessional, solemn and emotional commercial.

It's also an ad from a sponsor that pays him eight figures a year. Tiger himself says not a single word in the spot, but his melancholy stare speaks volumes.

His late father, Earl Woods, Tiger's mentor (and a known philanderer himself), narrates the Nike commercial, thanks to excerpts from a previous interview.

With the golfer stoic in black and white, Earl's voiceover says: "Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are, and ... did you learn anything?"

Words that come to mind include "moving," "strange," "creepy," "bizarre" and "genius." It may be a little of each. Nike is clearly seeking to humanize its poster boy, but is this a tactless way of doing it? Is it really just a means of salvaging its own brand?

Check it out below and see what you think ...

While Elin Woods isn't putting out for Tiger, Nike clearly is when it comes to resurrecting his tarnished image. You'd almost think he were the victim here.

Thoughts? Tiger Woods' new ad for Nike is ...


I think Tiger felt he owed Nike a lot in standing by him in his toughest times ....Hence, it is hard to decline any proposal (espeically the first proposal) from Nike after his return... Besides, if you were Tiger, you would naturally have to trust on Nike's move won't ever do things to hurt his endorsed athlete for the goodness of Nike's brand as well.. Is Tiger in a position to decline the first proposal from Nike ? It is hard... In some sense, Nike has helped him out a lot in standing by him very firmly since the verge of the sex scandal ... and Tiger can't afford to lose Nike now as his sponsor.


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Follow the money...If golf was just a volunteer game, no money involved, no sponsorship, no advertising, there would be no tiger apology. Besides, does he really need to apologise to the public? We didn't get screwed....well I guess some of us did.


Everybody should leave Tiger alone? How can we when he's always in our face trying to sell us something? Tiger should leave us alone. His 'recovery' and 'return to golf' was scripted the day after he smashed his car into a treee. Everything was squeezed into and revolved around coming back and playing in the Master's.
He makes me sick.


Tiger and Nike, sucking each others dicks for $$$


Okay first of all, everyone needs to leave Tiger alone..what he does is nobody's business! seriously what he does shouldnt be braudcasted all over the world..dumb commercial, and who cares..if he wants to be it, he can do what he wants..if i was him i would tell everyone who talks s*it to find something better to do with there time rather than worry about what tiger woods is doing! Seriously!


he learned alot...from the example his father made for we need to ask Tiger how big of an asshole he thinks he is....cuz, I don't think he feels bad about doing it....he just feels bad that the cat is out of the bag....


once a cheater, always a cheater. comes from upbringing. like father, like son.


I don't know if it was necessary specially when a day before his comeback but than I don't think it gonna hurt him image. He is trying everything to restore is image and his brand value. Nike like few other brands that were loyal to him, is helping him out and thus, helping themselves.No problem till it helps him and he learns from him. But I hardly doubt any man who haven't cheated their GF or Wife in their entire life. Let's not be hypocrite. In that account I will leave Tiger alone.


In one word - crap

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