Elin Woods Not Putting Out For Tiger

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With the prestigious Masters tournament set to commence this morning and himself teeing off at 1:42 p.m., golf great Tiger Woods is finally back on course.

Well, mostly.

Elin Nordegren Woods, Kids

Although he is back to competitive golf this week for the first time since his sordid sex scandal began to unfold four months ago, wife, Elin Woods is absent.

"Elin's not coming this week, no," Tiger told reporters at his press conference in Augusta, Ga., clearly uncomfortable dealing with the topic of his marriage.

This isn't to say Elin Woods is totally opposed to his much-anticipated comeback, but she's also not entirely thrilled by it, given the state of their home life.

We can't imagine there are many smiles in Islesworth these days.

"She's happy this will take some of the heat off her," a source says.  "But at the same time, she would rather Tiger focus on himself, family and treatment."

Things are complicated at home, too. As the couple continues to work on their marriage of five years, "She will likely stand by her man," the insider says.

Just don't expect to get any for a long, long, long time. Especially not if new mistresses like Raychel Coudriet keep coming out of the woodwork even now.

"She's still embarrassed," a source says of Elin, who has endured tales of more than a dozen Tiger affairs. "And they definitely have not been intimate yet."

Good to see the chastity belt of spikes is still in effect.

Elin Woods standing by her cheating man is ...


I wish the thousands upon thousands of cheating women and men, from all walks of life, were subject to the same scrutiny and judgment. Honor, duty, trust are more valuable than any monetary compensation or title - once lost, the innocent joy of a loving relationship is forever gone. This scenario is repeated on a daily basis, just not publicized. Why bother ripping apart one family to shreds?


Tiger was a real gentleman not to have Elin charged with aggravated domestic violence and/or assault with intent to do great bodily harm.


Tiger's white meat only. Still a virgin until he’s had a good pair of drumsticks!


Elin and Tiger going through the correct steps to end a marriage. For this, they deserve the respect of those who are not in this position, in this position or in the future will be in this position. To those who are critical of Elin, you are nuts! you are envious!
It Elins life! It take a strong women to take the time to be honest with herself and with another human. Elin shows strength and wisdom to do whatever needs to be done legally so that she does not cheat herself if she stays or goes! Elin is proving that her life is mother, wife and woman and that you have to take time to make life decisions!


With the news of a sex scandal involving multiple women,I can easily believe that Elin has No desire for intimacy.There is going to be a long recovery before she will be able to trust again,and as long as a new paramour shows up daily,it is back to square one with the trust factor.I've said it before,Elin let Tiger come back home so that he would have a base in order to return back work.More than likely,Elin has a "true support system"
who will continue to be there for her and their children.


I totally agree with the two previous comments - this Raychel is not a porn star or any of the other "sluts" who slept with Tiger and then went after their 15 minutes of fame. How proud her parents must be for her to get this information out for everyone to see. Has she no shame and to do this to Elin even though she wants to get back at Tiger? She knew he was a married man, I have no sympathy for her. Elin has been a class act throughout this whole ordeal and whatever she decides to do with her life is between her and Tiger.
And the headlines on this article "Elin Woods not Putting out" is very offensive to a young woman who has her world torn apart through no fault of her own and every detail of her private life fodder for the media. The media has played a big part on this whole offensive episode and they should be ashamed of themselves.


Team Elin I totally agree with your comment. Elin is a giant compared to her husband. She has shown grace, class and dignity throughout this fiasco. I have become a huge fan of her and whatever her decision is I will support this wonderful young lady.
God bless her and her precious kids


elin you are a true class act...not giving up on your douche of a husband...despite all of the embarassment to you and your family you've maintained to keep things that needs to be private private...remember all these sluts coming out are trying to victimize themselves but in reality they are just as guilty as tiger...it takes two to tango...if this new slut Raychel was so ashamed making a mistake why go to the tabloids...she should've come to you and apologized instead of whoring herself and giving details about her disgusting one night stand...also don't let the stupid media bring you down...they prefer to this new slut as the "young" daughter to sensationalize a story...ummm first of all she was an adult who made a willing decision to do it with a married man and secondly all of tiger's bitches were daughters too..

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