Lea Michele: What's Her Best Look?

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What the Twilight Saga has done for vampires, Glee has done for school choirs.

It's almost cool to be a high school singer now, especially when you can look to this Vogue cover for inspiration.

Along with other members of the Glee cast, we have Lea Michele to thank for this revolution. The actress is gorgeous, hilarious and crazy talented.

But she's not perfect, as evidenced by her decision to ever wear her hair in bangs. We aren't fans of the look, which is contrasted below with Lea's typical style. Compare and let us know if you agree...

Lea Michele at the 2011 Emmys
Lea Michele at the SAG Awards

Which hairstyle do you like best on Lea Michele?


Oh no no no... she looks like Penelope Cruz with those bangs... she looks good but I like the bang free look better


I prefer the one on the left, it is her normal look and it suits her. she looks nice with bangs, but it looks abit like sex hair... :/


SHe looks great either way.

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