Jesse James: Really Stressed Out!

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You know what they say. It's fun while it lasts, but eventually, the stress of being an adulterous, Nazi-loving jackass is bound to catch up with you.

James, whose cheating on Oscar winning wife Sandra Bullock has been well documented and led to her filing for divorce, is feeling really stressed!

Kat Von D, Jesse James Picture

This week, the biker seemed to ket his emotions to get the better of him, physically lashing out at celebrity gossip media trying to take his picture.

James later apologized to the shutterbug, coming out of his office in person to approach the man, blaming his behavior on feeling "stressed out."

"I thought he was going to yell at him," said a witness. "But Jesse said, ‘Hey man, I’ve been kind of stressed out lately. Sorry if things have been getting kind of heated between us. I know you’re just trying to do your job."

Jesse James is going through some tough times!

"'If you could just try not to get in my face too much. Just keep a respectful distance, everything is cool.' Then they shook hands. It was very cool.”

The dude is also attempting to repair his image, although a simple handshake and apology isn't likely to smooth the Jesse James Nazi photo over.

He does have a master plan to make us forget Michelle McGee, though.

A source hilariously tells Radar Online, “There’s a lost Chihuahua that has been hanging out around Jesse’s office for the last two days and Jesse has been trying to lure the dog over to him so he can get him back to his owners."

LOL. Whatever it takes, right? "Jesse even bought a hamburger and held it out for the dog, but every time he got close, the dog ran away."

Sandra Bullock can relate.


Boohoo, Jesse is stressed. Boohoo, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Poor Jess, another Boohoo here and more hahahahahahaha. Hey America, meet a Number One MORON, Jesse James. hahahahahahah


For Sandra B. on the cover of this week's People Magazine,she has moved on and her primary tears are for her baby who will give back to her the love that he is receiving in abundance. I am all for tea and sympathy JJ,but in reality,you don't miss your water till the well runs dry. Ouch!!!


heyy sandra watt ever yooh do don't take him back!!!!!! yooh and your baby are perfect all by your guys self!!!!i love how cute your baby looks!!!!!! do not take jesse back wat a dummasss he had it all but his dummass decided to cheat on yooh!!!!! yooh will find some one eles who will treat yooh and your baby with respect!!!!! i love yooh sandra!!!!take care and don't let any body get in your way!!!!!!!! love cristal!!!!!!


Dear Free Britney, Have you always been a bully or is it only when you can write trash about people? Apparently, Jesse James made mistakes that he is trying very hard to rectify. Tell me if you are so perfect that you would want your business witnessed by the entire free world?
Let's put this in perspective - he messed up big time with the other women, but the Nazi pic looks like a bad joke - even Prince Harry took pics like that once, but by all accounts-he is an excellent father and he voluntarily signed off on the adoption to allow Sandra to adopt Louis-individually. Sandra would have stayed married to him to keep Louis if he didn't sign off and that you arrogant bully is why he said - he allowed her to divorce him because she would have stayed for Louis.


Nothing ticks a sociopath off like being busted and not being able to spin their way out of it.