Jaimee Grubbs Tries, Fails to Bang NHL Stars

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Jaimee Grubbs scored a hole in one with Tiger Woods, so to speak. But the NHL players she hit on last night weren't going anywhere near that hole.

The outspoken 24-year-old Tiger mistress and Tool Academy alum hit up Beverly Hills hot spot Bar210 last night, looking to put out for sports stars.

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It was not to be.

"Jaimee made a beeline for a table full of [Anaheim] Ducks and [L.A.] Kings NHL hockey players," an eyewitness tells E!. "She walked up, and the guys were just like, 'Can we help you?' She said, 'I'm a model. My name is Jaimee.'"

The hockey players either do not read celebrity gossip, or are used to getting hotter girls, because they looked uninterested and a little confused.

Jaimee Grubbs went on to tell them she appeared in Maxim in February. Still unimpressed, the NHLers went back to minding their own business.

Maybe if Jaimee Grubbs had gone to the bar in just this ...

Not to be denied, J-Grub apparently tried to blend in with the posse: "She suddenly just started making herself a drink," a spy says. "They asked her to leave."

Afterward, though, the light bulb went on. "Oh, sh!t, I think that was the Tiger girl," one of the teammates was heard saying, although unlike Woods, he added:

"I don't want to be associated with that." Not 'cause of her mug shot, either.

Still, "She continued circling the club all night," a source says, but no word yet on whether Grubbs eventually achieved her gooooooooooooooooal!!!!! Sorry.

Her manager says Grubbs was not snubbed by the NHL players: "She knew the club promoter who introduced her. She spent a few minutes chatting and left."

Wait, Jaimee Grubbs has a manager? That's the funniest part of this story.


That shows that not all professional athletes are as stupid, dirty and pervert as Tiger Woods. There are still some men out there that don’t want anything to do with this sort of women!!! Good for them!!!


When a woman is primarily known for being one of Tiger's rejects,
she is going to be less desirable to other men especially when they realize her claim to fame was as a tell-it-all paramour.She Needs to shun the limelight for a while and give people time to get over her exposure.Publicity can work for you, and against you.
Now is the time for JG to re-invent herself and Not make her life about being the conquest of another (famous)man.


Yup the truth hurts LOL!!! Get use to the rejection :)


Must be crushing to be faced with the harsh truth that your not nearly as famous as you think you are.


Maybe she forgot to wear her dentures.


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