Eclipse First, Scary Look: Xavier Samuel as Riley

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It may have been the coolest moment in the recently-released second trailer for Eclipse:

Victoria's army of vampires emerges from the water and gets into line behind Riley. The latter character is played Xavier Samuel, an actor unafraid to take on Robert Pattinson in an edition of Who Would You Rather...

The X Man

But will movie goers be scared of this vengeful blood sucker? Oh yes, judging by the photo MTV released this week of Riley and company. Check it out now...

Riley, Victoria and those seeking to destroy the Cullens will storm into theaters on June 30.


Lol i have no idea who u r randy person but i have 2 say u have sum Wik points! Vamps can stand in sun, but they kinda sparkle rite? This is just a photo shot m8 in the film they will sparkle i bet ya !x


awesome!!!!!Take the books,or see the movies,to understand why!!!!


Can someone please fill me in. I always thought that vampires couldn't stand the sun? And how come they are all teenagers that look like some dance group on "So You Think You Can Dance"? PS - Why not incorporate Frankenstein in the series? Franky always seems to get left out.

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