Lady Gaga Dispenses Sex, Relationship Advice

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Lady Gaga is a sexual being.

Perhaps more so than most, considering those pesky hermaphrodite rumors. Whether she's a woman and/or a man, she claims she's not getting any lately.

The Power of Lady Gaga

"I'm single because I don't have the time," she told a group of reporters at a M.A.C Cosmetics' Viva Glam event in London. "You know what? That's okay."

"Even Lady Gaga can be celibate."

So well spoken in the third-person. Guess Matthew Williams is out of luck. The singer goes on to offer words of wisdom to girls regarding sexual behavior.

If only Bristol Palin had listened to this: "If you can't get to know someone, then you probably shouldn't be having sex with them," she said.

Want a piece of this? Too bad, Lady Gaga doesn't have time.

Words to live by. Lady Gaga continued, wisely encouraging young women to carry condoms and get frequent HIV tests, reiterating "You are not invincible."

She also discussed some of the downsides of intercourse for ladies.

"Orgasms are the biggest obstacles for women. Sex should be fun, beautiful and colorful, but women get the short end of the stick. We're just receivers."

"We can't talk about sex, we can't sing about sex."

Well, she disproved her own point there, but we get the drift. This concludes today's lesson in Sex and Relationships 101 with the Fabulous Lady Gaga.


Thts riqht:O


Good advice from Lady G. You could call it "How to avoid a Bad Romance".


um................. lady gaga y did u died yo tipz yelllow ?????




Surprisingly, Lady Gaga offers some good relationship advice. You always have to be careful, and it is so important to get to know someone inside and out before you are ready to be intimate with them.


i love lady gaga she is the best now let her do what she likes her life her style know 1 can beat herr is it true she has a boy friend ? lady gaga no1 xx


Didn't America go thru this like 20+ years ago with a woman named Madonna? She may be a good singer or a nice person but the "act" is old. Her advice is on the money though, I'll give her that.


Good on her. She's absolutely right.


wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lady gaga has i pinus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAJAJAJAJAJA!!!!


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