Ryan and Simon Butt Heads on American Idol

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There were lots of strong performances among the finalists on American Idol, but the most memorable moment of the night may have come from Ryan Seacrest.

After Simon Cowell called out Michael Lynche for "corny" dance moves, Ryan not only came to the affable singer's defense, he got in Simon's grill in the process.

The normally unflappable judge was taken aback - and scooted his seat back, throwing his hands up and admitting he was very uncomfortable. Point, Seacrest!

Chalk up another memorable exchange in one of Hollywood's ongoing rivalries / friendships. We never quite know what to make of the dynamic between them.

Ryan definitely threw Simon off here, though, which was funny and uncomfortable. Check out the clip below of the two stars almost butting heads ... literally:


Simon is clearly being a big bully, for someone like Simon who has made his way from the mail room to the top, he should have a little more respect for people trying to do the same. Constructive criticism is good and well appreciated, but Simon is just being mean, he just says things for the sake of saying them and throwing his wieght around. I doubt he even knows wat Constructive criticism means. He is adding absolutely no value with his comments - he is merely just running his big mouth and proving to the world, that he may have all the money and fame, but lacks the characteristics of a decent human being.
What goes around comes around - Simon will get what he is due doublefold.
Ryan is a good person with balls to stand up and beat this big fat bully.

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