Michael Lynche is not a small man. This American Idol contestant is as strong as they come, but he's also sensitive: On the very first...

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Phew. That was close.

Due to a collective, nationwide brain fart, Michael Lynche found himself in the bottom three last night on American Idol. Once Aaron Kelly was deemed safe, Lynche then found himself in the bottom two alongside Andrew Garcia - and then the bottom one!

Granted, Big Mike's rendition of "Eleanor Rigby" on Tuesday was overblown and far from his best. But, unlike viewers around the country, the judges were willing to give Lynche another shot: they unanimously voted to save him from elimination.

Think they made the right call?

Huge Mike

The excitement, and flamboyance, on American Idol will be ratcheted up next week: Adam Lambert will mentor the contestants.

Regarding anyone's fears, Adam Tweeted this week: "Don't worry America: I will be beyond family friendly. Relax and enjoy. For Your Entertainment."

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Fans will ultimately have the final say, but to THG, Michael Lynche and Lee DeWyze stood out most on American Idol Tuesday. The judges were certainly impressed.

In fact, Simon Cowell said that it was his cover of India.Arie's "Ready for Love" that finally made him a credible artist in his eyes. For the surly Brit, that's saying a lot.

Slowing things down with an acoustic guitar, Big Mike sounded great and wowed the panel and audience alike. We're pretty sure the voters will turn out for this, too.

Here's Michael Lynche singing "Ready For Love" ...

Lee DeWyze also made a statement last night, perhaps propelling himself to contender status with a soulful, raspy, powerhouse rendition of "Treat Her Like a Lady."

"This was the night your life may have changed forever," Simon said. Again, high praise from the man. Follow the jump to see Lee do his version of the classic ...

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On American Idol, he's known as "Big Mike."

This moniker, bestowed upon semifinalist Michael Lynche by Ryan Seacrest, refers to the former's massive stature. But it's also now appropriate for the impression made Lynche last night. It was BIG!

Belting out Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work," Lynch literally brought Kara DioGuardi to tears. She had to be comforted by Simon Cowell, while the crowd couldn't stop applauding.

Watch the performance below, and be warned Casey James: you're no longer the male favorite.

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Casey James and Crystal Bowersox who?!?

With a performance of Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work," Michael Lynche established himself as the new American Idol favorite last night.

Showing incredible range, from an amazing falsetto to an impressive baritone, the man known as Big Mike brought Kara DioGuardi to tears. A lot of tears. She could barely get her words of praise out as she choked up. It was actually a very sweet moment.

Below, we've ranked the eight performances from last night. Lynche aside, who was your favorite?

  1. Michael Lynche: So this is what happens when your wife is in the audience, huh?
  2. Casey James: Not his best performance, and we agree the Keith Urban song was a safe choice... but who else deserves this spot?
  3. Alex Lambert: You can stop with the banana references now, Ellen. Solid rendition of a Ray LaMontagne classic proves Lambert is simply a great singer.
  4. Andrew Garcia: The judges have forced him to get as creative as possible each week, taking his focus off actual singing, it seems. Can we all just forget about his "Straight Up" arrangement at this point?
  5. Todrick Hall: Points of taking a risk. But "Somebody to Love" almost belongs to the Glee cast at this point. We just think of them when we hear it.
  6. Aaron Kelly: Solid version of "I'm Already There." We're glad Simon shut Kara up about taking the song so literally and making it seem like a young crooner couldn't take it on.
  7. Lee DeWyze: He'll likely stick around, but our least favorite performance from this rocker.
  8. Tim Urban: Were we listening to a different version of "Hallelujah?" We didn't buy him at all singing this classic.
  • James, Casey
  • Singing Christina
  • Todrick Photo
  • Michael Lynche Performance
  • Aaron Kelly on Stage
  • Alex Lambert Pic
  • Tim Urban Pic

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It's been a good week for Michael Lynche.

The American Idol contestant was rumored to have been kicked out of this season's top 24 because his father leaked his inclusion of that group prior to the air date (February 17) on which Fox will announce the semifinalists.

But multiple sources now confirm this was a false report and Lynche is still alive in Hollywood.

As if that weren't enough of a reason to celebrate, Michael learned - on TV, at least, the show was taped a couple weeks ago - on Tuesday night that he's a new father! His wife went into labor just as he was taking the stage to (successfully) audition.

Might this string of good fortunate end with an American Idol title?

Quick background information on Lynche:

  • He describes himself as a mixture of Gnarls Barkley, Outcast and R. Kelly.
  • Both Michael's parents are pastors.
  • He played Division I football at the University of Central Florida.

Along with Andrew Garcia and Casey James, Michael has stood out among the men this week.

Watch his initial audition below.

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It's not on the level of Antonella Barba blow job pictures getting leaked online, but we have our first American Idol controversy of the season.

One of the 24 finalists already chosen has been given the boot - due to his moronic father.

Indeed, Michael Lynche will no longer appear on the show because his father reportedly confirmed to The St. Petersburg Times that his son had made the semifinals. Sharing information on finalists before those episodes air is against Fox policy.

Avril Lavigne on Idol

Avril Lavigne joins the American Idol regulars for one of this week's audition installments.

Along with contestants such as John Park and Katelyn Epperly, Lynche was rumored to have moved on to the final 24. Those selections have already been made in Hollywood, though the announcement won't be made on air until February 24.

Lynche has already been replaced, sources say.

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Michael Lynche Photo Michael Lynche is not a small man. This American Idol contestant is as strong as they come, but he's also sensitive: On the very first... More »
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