Paparazzi Clamor For a Glimpse of ... Pixie Lott?

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Who the heck is Pixie Lott, THG asked after reading the story summarized here.

A pair of celebrity gossip photographers battled physically - one's in jail for suspected battery and the other's in the hospital - for a shot of ... Pixie Lott.

That's right, it was all-out bedlam at LAX airport and neither Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga or Lindsay Lohan were involved in any way.

Rather, it was Pixie Lott, a 19-year-old British singer and actress, who was the target of the photography madness ... and is now on THG's watch list.

Signed to Island Def Jam when she was just 15, Pixie (a.k.a. Victoria Louise Lott) released her debut album, Turn It Up, in September to general success.

In addition to having a track featured Private Practice, Pixie's fourth single, "Gravity," was released a few weeks ago and has been climbing the download sales chart.

She was also recently rumored to be dating Joe Jonas ... who's dating Demi Lovato. But still, being involved with a Jonas brother is pretty sweet as rumors go!

Looks like photographers aren't the only ones interested in her, either. Pixie will be opening for Rihanna in the U.K. in May. Imagine what the paparazzi will do then.


I just listened to her album on YouTube - she is amazing! I can't wait for her to come to the US! Her album has done so well in England!


I think she is fab!! Not my style of music but she is very talented. At least she doesn't mime like some singers. Thats a bad pic of her she looks much hotter in others. GO PIXIE!!


OMG i hate pixie lott so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!shes a loser np need 2 put her on the watch list..................her songs are absolute crap

Pixie Lott Biography

Pixie Lott is an English actress, dancer and singer-songwriter.Her debut single "Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)" was released in June 2009 and... More »
London, England, UK
Full Name
Victoria Louise Lott