Miley Cyrus to Critics: Get a Hobby!

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In a recent interview with KIIS FM, Miley Cyrus confirmed her relationship with Liam Hemsworth and sent a message to her critics, possibly signaling out THG: Get a life!

"I may not be the best singer in the world, but I don't lip synch, I'm honest. I'm honest in acting, too," Miley said. "I'm doing what I like, people that are dogging me probably aren't, which is why they're down on me., I want to tell them ‘go get a hobby!'"

Ouch. We are, indeed, doing what we like, Miles. But we don't begrudge you a self-defense.

As for Hemsworth, Cyrus is confident that he's dating her for all the right reasons.

"I feel like I've been with people before, both in the public eye and out of the public eye, that may need something from me," she said. "He's not like that. He was already successful, he was already cast in the movie, he didn't need me for that. He doesn't need me to make him famous."

Even we have to admit: Miley has been acting far more mature recently, deleting her Twitter account and keeping her relationship with Liam mostly private. Might she finally be growing up?


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hannah montana/miley cyrus i luv u
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hello miley cyrus see you do good ♥ ♥ ♥


@karma bringer, well then if thats ur hobby,then may u rest in hell cuz hating on some1ur whole life is gonna kill u!dayum ur fukin up ur life!anway i like the fact that there still r alot of ppl tht still care about miley not like those fukin retarded haterz! - luv u miley!


you know i really dont like her music but im not gonna go trashing her on a website like a low life that is wishing that they would go some where but cant relise that the only fame you'll get is employe of the month at macdonalds so just finish school and suck it!!! P.s. im 12 and i know that dissing a person on a wedsite that they wont even read is the gayest thing you can do so just go back to your couch and watch all the people who made it some where in life


Ok, supershot1973 seriously has issues and is very bitter, starting with the slut comment. A slut is a promiscuous person, not somebody who puts their hand on a pole. That was not even a pole dance because her hand was the only thing that touched it, she didn't even go around it, and it was used for support. And even if you DO see it as pole-dancing, it was a clean version of pole-dancing if you've ever seen the real deal. Pole dancing in itself isn't trashy, it's how it's done and in China they use it in theatre in a non-raunchy way. ONE DANCE MOVE DOESN'T MAKE YOU A SLUT!


Well Miley, we hate you, too. And hating you is our hobby!


Actually I never heard much of anything about this Liam guy until they started filming and he started dating her. Also, is she saying the Nick Jonas needed her? Like hell he did, lol. If she's worried about people using her she needs to look at her parents!


hey i am omar yaman that's good it's very good for you miley cyrus i can I can TELL for people thing about me and you because the people are think i love you or you love me but this not true
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and what will happened with song!!!
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