Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Totally Might Break Up

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Are Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush on the rocks yet again?

The high-profile couple supposedly split - temporarily - last week, according to Radar Online. But the site's alleged sources say the separation could be more serious.

Kardashian flew to Miami to shoot her sisters' reality show, while Bush spent time in NYC shooting a calendar. There, he vented about the pair's troubled romance.

"It was a two hour shoot and Reggie spent most of it texting," a source on the Calendar Guys 2011 set said. "In between photos and costume changes, everyone on the set could tell something was going on. He became a little tense.”

Maybe dating a Kardashian plunges you into a private hell after all.

At one point, Bush disappeared "to use his cell phone in private." After a heated call, Bush openly complained about his relationship with the best body on earth.

A Kim and Reggie Picture

Are the days of Reggie and Kim numbered? According to anonymous sources vaguely alleging a feud between them, maybe! [Photo:]

Later that night, Bush was spotted at hip N.Y. City nightspot 1Oak, at Robin Thicke's 33rd birthday party where "he was flirting up a storm," according to reports.

He spent the majority of the night with an unknown brunette and talked for an hour straight, said a source. Wow, we might as well stick a fork in Kush right now.

On Saturday, after a lunch date with his agent, the Super Bowl champ told celebrity gossip photographers that he did not even know where Kim Kardashian was.

She was scantily clad on a Miami yacht, natch.

When asked if they were still an item, Bush said "no more questions." Oh boy. That's about good an indication as you'll ever see that these two have no chance.


no golddiggas 4 this southern boy Says: March 23rd, 2010 12:21 AM a christian black man from the south is NOT going to marry a woman who was in a sex video ^honestly??? ha ha People like you distend my sense of humor. Everyone has sex it's a natural human deversion and what makes you think reggie bush hasn't starred in a sex tape? His may have just been kept privately as kim kardashians was intended to be kept but the tape fell in the wrong hands by someone who is obviously sick and feels no remorse for consciously humiliating people. Get over it and get a life :)


like who totally cares?


He look too good for her
shes plastic
burn that trick
like wax


publicity stunt or not
he don't love her and will
NEVER marry that trash


Apparently Reggie is now in Miami with Kim. This is another publicity stunt like their last break up, another website is claiming that the cameras just happened to be there to capture the break up (how convenient). I used to like Kim but this is just getting pathetic now!


a christian black man from the south is NOT going to marry a woman who was in a sex video


She was pressuring him to get married, the guy just couldnt go through with the farce.


I read this was a publicity stunt also. The reality show must be hurting for viewers, for Reggie and Kim having to fake a breakup AGAIN! I don't think that Kim can get enought media attention!


They never broke up. It's a publicity stunt that you will see if and when you watch Kourtney and Khloe take Miami this season. They have been busted. They both need to get a life.


i hope this is not true they r so good together i wish the pazz's leave them along

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