Tabloids Take Readers Inside "Private Hell" of Kardashian Relationships

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With Keeping Up with the Kardashians having just concluded its fourth season, the family publicist has been working overtime to keep his clients in the news.

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    I must say, I feel like so many other readers.. OMG let's get over the Kardashian "GURLS" and discuss something WAY more important


    also, Reggie makes cash for hanging around with that chick. In some form or Fashion, so it's easy to cover up the fake-ness in that relationship and she's too sorry to see he will never Marry Her.


    everything fake about these chicks
    from old vactions photos, lies about moving in
    together, lies about Marriage, just full of lies
    plastic surgery, the whole nine


    I wouldn't call them sluts or whores but that aren't smart and they don't choose men wisely they don't represent themselves well they're celebrities for no reason that's why they were on that VH1 show "Why are you famous" where they were finding celebrities that are famous for nothing. yeah they been had money because their dad was a famous lawyer but why are they on TV and got stupid chicks trying to be them including my friend who thinks she's Kim. You know who you are girl. And I am tired of hearing about the Kim and Ray J tape It's old get over it I'm sure some of y'all got one out


    J0n1.... The fact that you're defending these low classed, attention seeking bunch of no talented women, says a lot about your own character. The only thing they show diversity in, is the many ways to be a whore. You can love them all you want, that's on you but don't insult people who are not drinking the Kartrashian kool-aid hon.


    Mona B you are about STUPID! Not to mension probably just super JEALIOUS! Get a freakin life and quit putting ppl down because you can't be them! The ignorance of you're comment makes me feel bad for you! Try having some freaking common curtiousy! It's thier live's they can do whatever they want, and personally I love them all! They show the diversaty of sister's and ppl in general! SO MONA B GET A FREAKIN CLUE! STUPID BEE~0~TCH!


    y do you keep having 2 bug them you wouldn't like it would u .


    They are so slutty, thats why their men cant respect them or find any peace with them. Their private bits are splashed every where form Play Boy to every where. Then do you blame their husbands from just wanting to run away from them ????


    Feel bad for them. it would suck to have relationships falling apart everwhere around you.


    Sick of hearing about these people...they're always complaining about the media, but without the media they would not be known...they should be thanking them for keeping them relevant....the kardashians: tabloid queens... what a joke

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