Joslyn James Denies Provoking Tiger Woods Sexting, Promises More Sordid Details Shortly

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Last week, Joslyn James teed off on Tiger Woods by leaking a truckload of filthy texts allegedly from the golfer on her aptly-named website,

The Tiger Woods text messages, presented on a hilarious "iBone," present him as a seriously depraved individual. She says there's more were that came from, too.

In an interview with a New Zealand radio station, James says she plans to leak more dirty details soon, because people, including Elin Woods, have a right to know.

We totally do. Her interview highlights included:

  • Joslyn James denying she provoked the nasty, angry sexting.
  • Joslyn throwing Woods' caddy, Steve Williams, under the bus, ands teasing that she met other "athlete celebrities" during her dalliances with Tiger.
  • Joslyn calling Woods "a grown man who made the choice to send those messages based on things he wanted to try of a sexual nature and I obliged."
  • Joslyn denying she sold out Tiger for money, but at the same time teasing her big "future plans" and hilariously plugging her website on the air.

Here's the full-length Joslyn James interview ...


These women are not professional wh'ores because if they were so then they know that do to the job properly the rule of no kiss and tell and what you see and do leave it here is not applicable. Well, if whores are like these since ages or way back when.. then maybe there is no man on this earth who will ever turn to these whores. Because it is just the truth, men always want their fences secure. SO Elin, do not let this whore take any more inch in your life. Just keep on keeping on and let the healing continue. Pray and keep the love alive between you and Tiger. ALso Tiger, you are one lucky and blessed man, please do not make her cry again. God bless you both and family. May these women also find peace in their heart and learn to walk in the light for the sake of their family too


This immoral, shameless wh**e is doing this out of spite and revenge! She wanted money from Tiger but could not get any. Well, there is no surprise here because this is what you get when you put trash with trash... more trash!!!


She's a pig and always will be


Out of curiosity, can Tiger's lawyer sue her for posting these text messages on her website from the angle of malicuous blasphemy ? How can people stop such whore from going mad like this in publishing such stuff while keeping her own part of the texts undisclosed...


She might have been getting screwed,but she was Not a porn*star.A
porn*star would never pimp her own self out like this.It is beyond
comprehension the way that this woman has exploited her own self,
and continues to do so.The more she talks,the less attractive she becomes.For three years she claims to have been with a man of tremendous wealth and ended up with nothing but her A$$ and 2 hands to scratch it with,and some dirty messages that he left her to show exactly what he thought of her.Enough already!!


The worst whore of the whore... she earned the title the most shameless woman of the decade, yet she is shameless enough to be very proud of it.


If it's not about a the money (it's always about the money) then what is it about, exactly? Our supposed need to know that Tiger treated her exactly how she likes to be treated? Pass.


i love the quote that she wants to set the record straight... who is saying something about her? no one. she's trying to cash in on her 15 min of fame, plane and simple

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