Joslyn James to Air More Tiger Woods Dirty Laundry

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Joslyn James is gearing up unleash another deluge of Tiger Woods dirt today, this time regarding Tiger's good friend who allegedly set up rendezvous with them.

A day after releasing salacious Tiger Woods text messages depicting him as a violent, sex-crazed madman, the porn star mistress is set to leak a set of emails.

Ones she received from Bryon Bell in '07, detailing an alleged meeting in Charlotte from April 27-May 2. Woods had a PGA event that began May 3 of that year.

He won, obviously. Just saying.

The second alleged trip arranged by Byron Bell was in July 2007 to Washington D.C., and for that trip, Joslyn James was in town during the actual PGA event.

Joslyn James is coming clean ... about Tiger's dirty thoughts.

Bryon, an longtime friend and employee of his, helped set up the November tryst for Woods and Rachel Uchitel in Australia that the National Enquirer unearthed.

We all know what happened after that (there was a golf club involved).

Perhaps not coincidentally, Elin Woods has been completely absent from the family home in Isleworth, Fla., where  Tiger Woods is living, for the last two days.

Elin moved back in recently, so her absence from Tiger's estate may signal trouble. No one is saying whether it's related to Joslyn James' revelations, but ...

Come on. If you were his wife and saw the kind of stuff she posted on her new site? With Tiger Woods text message gems like these, who can blame her (NSFW):

  • I would love to have the ability to make you sore
  • God girl. You better want to take care of me
  • Do you ever hook up with other guys or girls
  • Hold you down while i choke you and F*ck that ass that i own
  • I want you to beg for my c*ck. Kiss you all over to convince me to let you have it in your mouth.
  • Next time i see you, you better beg and if you don't do it right i will slap, spank, bite and f*ck you till mercy
  • Then im going to tell you to shut the F*ck up while i slap your face and pull your hair for making noise

JJ has exploited her own self,just as much as Tiger did by releasing such "potent messages".The sand in her hourglass of 15 minutes of fames is running out.She is on her way to becoming
yesterday's news.At some point it would be nice to hear that she tried to regain custody of her child that she owes child support for,but at the rate she had been going with her obsession with Tiger,it left little time for anything else.She has told so much that,she can not possibly have anything left to offer.I doubt very seriously if Playboy would even have anything to do with her,
just saying!!!


I just hope too that the two of them will be very creative in handling their insecurities. Like for Elin, she will be wiser not to show her being jealous and insecure in a nagging way as it will not make a man happy. But Tiger also have to be true to his words and must be creative too how he will win ELin's trust again. Well, they can afford to have the trips in the tournament, bring the kids along with them and make them more inseparable. Its just so difficult to be the wife of a very rich and famous golfer but it do need a lot of their creativity and cooperation. MOst of all, prayers is the answer and that faith in the Supreme being who can give us strength to change our lives. Call it God unseen which is the one described in Buddhism, Yahweh, Jehovah, Jesus, God the Father.. this God that is being taught can change lives. I respect religions, I just know that when we have faith in a Supreme being who can change lives we will be better.


If she was trying to make $$ from this material she's blown it by having it published. It makes no sense. Who's going to pay her anything and for what? She no longer has any hold over Tiger and she's already released so many disgusting details that who in their right mind would want to read any more? And for those who think she's advertising for customers, what man in his right mind would take a chance on being with such a treacherous woman? I don't see how Tiger can come back
from this any time soon. I can't imagine hiow he'll be able to appear in public any time soon. But judging by the comments of a few of the males posting here he is not alone in his taste for the uh--unusual. A couple sounded quite excited by Tiger's exploits.


Women like JJ may receive temporary attention,but stories like hers have no longevity,because this is a person who has totally disrespected herself for a buck.As everyday people we have assess to lots of newsworthy stories.Her story may have started off being news especially with prominent attorney Gloria Allred by her side,but as time went on and to see that this woman's claim to fame is wanting to be recognized as a man's mistress,it defies
people wanting to support her cause.Tiger has chosen to return to work,and with his new PR team he will have a new appreciation for the blessings that have been bestowed upon him.


With appreciation for acknowledging my comment. Hopefully this week will be a new beginning for Tiger and the world of golf.Tiger has never had a "job" as we know work to be.
"Playing golf" has always been his primary source of income.Even though it may be considered entertainment,it is still his livelihood.I will not minimize the importance of other golfers,but
it was Tiger who initiated more interest in golf over the past 10 years.I believe a tremendous amount of revenue has been lost because of the time that he taken to straighten out his personal issues that became so public.I believe that Tiger will have a better appreciation,not only for his game,but for those who were disappointed,yet still chose to support his return.When a person fall off a ladder,and survive the fall,they tend to be more careful on the way back up on the ladder.


Elin should sue these whores for slander. They should shut up and go away, they knew the reason Tiger wanted them was for sex now they whine.
They wanted to see what they could get out of him, now you know you got nothing so go away. Leave the famliy alone you whores.


I am not sure why you are on the news and trashing someone further. You are a whore, you got with a married man, you are a porno whore and now you complain about your affair. You want money from Tiger lets face it.
Shut up and look for another sucker!!


Not sure whether recent e-news on Tiger gave Elin a say-sorry gift of 150 M$ are true or not... If this is true, I do think Tiger does love Elin (ie he is NOT after Elin for PR marriage)... The reason I deduce so is because despite Tiger is a very rich man, a man won't spend so much money on a woman if he doesn't love her...150 M $ is far more excessive than their prenup amount if divorced... Upon more thought, some man (eg Trump) might even opt for a playboy life and moved on with a divorce... Besides, what if Elin took the 150 M$ (with no strings attached of must stay behind to continue the marriage) and then divorce him... In short, giving the 150 M$ gift is a risk to Tiger for money out of his door with no return which he may lose his wife anyhow, but he is still willing to do it with such risk


I do not believe that Elin still have that great love for Tiger,I believe that for her own reasons she let him return to the manor.I
think that the longer she is around him,the less respect that she has for him, and she is preparing herself for the breakup.I think that she wants to be completely over him before walking out that door.It is one thing to try to encourage someone to repair their marriage,and another thing to find out that when their spouse left the house,there were multiple sex partners that he was involved with.Even through Mrs. Woods let him return home, I do not for one minute believe that "intimacy" is one of the rewards of marriage that Elin is ready for.I can easily believe that it is going to be a long time if ever before she can Began to trust him again, a very long time.I believe that he is in the doghouse,
and that she is giving him a base to help him return back to work.


"Hellion," I totally agree. It's mind boggling to see Elin still with Tigers Wood after all he's done to humiliate and degrade women and the institution of marriage. It makes a person wonder why people even get married and have children when this culture is so corrupt.

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