Tony Kornheiser Suspended by ESPN for Criticizing Hannah Storm

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This is just silly.

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    Tony was right. She looks like a hooker in that outfit. Whatever happened to aging gracefully, and having some class?

    I blame Sarah Palin. She walked out on the campaign trail wearing knee-high, four-inch-heeled leather hooker boots, and normally intelligent women all over the country took it as an indication that this was an acceptable look for middle-aged professional women.

    It is not.


    It has nothing to do with sexual harassment. He got suspended for talking smack about Chris Berman. ESPN does not like its employees criticizing each other.


    I saw the morning episode of SC that Kornheiser is refering to. Normally, I think that Hannah Storm is an attractive woman. On this day however, Kornheiser nailed it on the head. The punishment that should of taken place would be to fire Hannah's wardrobe person. She looked terrible.


    Was she going to a circus or was she in the circus. She looked ugly--call em like you see em


    If he says it about another man, which he has, it's honest critique. When he says it about a woman, it's sexual harassment. When will this era of over-polite hogwash(clearly a euphemism) stop?


    Tony was right, he gets paid to take shots at people. Ms. Storm certainly dresses and stands in a provocative manner, he simply said her wardrobe was ugly.


    This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. His remarks were not sexual harassment. In fact, the only thing that he seemed to miss is that it is also an ugly outfit. We have become way too sensitive in our society and need to learn to accept a little criticism. Hey, maybe we should sue Michael Kors or Tim Gunn for sexual harassment because they have said much worse.


    Only two weeks? Just because he's a on-camera celebrity doesn't mean he can say whatever he wants on the air. It's called sexual harassment. He's putting her in an uncomfortable working environment. Remember, ESPN is all guys, very few women in high positions. It's a frat boy house and if this happened to a lower level employee, they would have either been fired or suspended for months, not two weeks. He got off easy. Pig!


    She prob. the execs were forced to punish him


    Very nice "Moreover" point. Definitely wouldn't have known about the story had ESPN not handed down a punishment, haha.

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