Rumored Couple Alert: Brody Jenner & Avril Lavigne!

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Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner might not be a standard Hollywood coupe you might expect to materialize, but that's the rumor going around this week!

According to E! News, the singer/rocker and The Hills star/club goer have been seeing each other, quietly, over the course of the last couple of weeks.

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"They're hooking up," an insider said, "but are keeping it low-key."

Not so low-key that they haven't been seen in public, however. The pair, who both became single recently, were first spotted at Koi on February 4.

According to a restaurant source, the "Sk8ter Boi" songstress and reality TV Casanova left together in the same car and continued on to club Voyeur.

Has Brody Jenner been clandestinely hollering at Avril Lavigne?

This wasn't a one-shot deal either. Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner were last seen out again on Thursday, back at Voyeur, where they partied all night.

"You can tell they're into each other and both like to have a good time," another source says of the rumored couple. "They really are cute together."

Brody just split from insane Playmate girlfriend Jayde Nicole late last year, while Lavigne filed for divorce from Sum 41's Deryck Whibley last October.

What do you think? Is Brody Jenner a good romantic match for Avril Lavigne and vice versa? Or can you not see them as a couple at all?


wOW...... i WAS LIKE WHAT? Brody is a sissy but good looking, and Avril is a cool chick but funky looking. Not a good match..... the prettiest girl he dated was Lauren Conrad- the hottest of course Jade and in between like is Kristen. I watch too much Hills but I gotz to say this is a wack couple :@


nah i lyk brody but dnt lyk avril he can do batter but they r a better couple then hiim n jayde nicole i


i just look it up avril did cheat on her ex's she's a slut i don't like her she get on my nevrses


well looks like avril might be getting back with her ex's ha ha brody


I used to love Avril, until she started singing with stupid lyrics, like her "girlfriend" release, although I LOVE Sum 41 and Deryck Whibley. Like, seriously 'hey hey you you i wanna be your girlfriend', pathetic. I thought Deryck and Avril made a pretty good couple, but I guess not.


Brody is nothing like his father Bruce who was an athlete.. He's just a reality tv punk!


Avril could do a lot better but who knows maybe Brody is finally ready to grow up & act like a man for a change. Atleast Brody's taste in women has finally improved, instead of a cheap ass HO he is with a woman with class & ambition (that isn't a gold digger) LMAO


I Like!


Awww!! I love Brody and these could be cute togther :)


Avril is so incredibly beautiful! I love her and am so amped for her new album to drop, but I think she can do MUCH better than Brody!!

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Brody Jenner Biography

Jayde Nicole, Brody Jenner
The great Brody Jenner goes to all the hottest clubs and is called the Prince of Malibu. He was once on a reality TV show called that,... More »
Los Angeles, California
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Sam Brody Jenner

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[Spencer bails on Brody's BBQ]
Brody Jenner: Just stop flaking out. I mean if you're going to make plans with me then just stick with it.
Spencer Pratt: You're a lot like LC over here.
Brody Jenner: I understand that you're in love. But it just sucks when you just flake out on your homies like this all the time.

You said you've been a bachelor for 23 years... that's good because you're about to get married, and you won't have any sex. I know some married couples, dude. They don't have sex!

Brody Jenner [trying to talk Spencer Pratt out of his engagement to Heidi Montag]