More Lindsey Vonn Photos: Sexy in Sports Illustrated

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As we write this article, Lindsey Vonn is on the verge of winning the Gold Medal in Women's Downhill. It will be the skier's first-ever Olympic title.

Congratulations are very much in order for Vonn, but she'd have been a winner in the eyes of men across the nation regardless of how she fared this week on the slopes.

That's because Vonn and teammate Hannah Teter posed seductively in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, bravely eschewing shirts despite the cold temperatures around them. Talk about Gold Medal winning form!

Topless in the Cold

Vonn was also featured on the cover of that magazine's Olympic prevew, which created quite a stir for the way it depicted her backside.

You can go vote now on whether or not the cover photo is sexist, but there's no denying the classification of the pictures below: they are nothing but SEXY!

SI Sex Pot
Lindsey Vonn Photo
Ugly Bathing Suit
Vonn, Lindsey
Sports Illustrated Photo
Winter Hottie
The Talented and the Beautiful

If i can use, that have to strong coment.


she is just showing that not only is it skiing it is body toning andeating well to keep,and you geat a great body


@Nick - Yep, you're right. Having people take pictures of me while wearing makeup is totally making me look like purely a sex object. Men would look in women's magazines and think seedy thoughts when they see my mineral eyeshadow. They get hard over my liquid eyeliner. They see my sleek bun and say "Man, what a slut. I'd love to fuck her. Seeing her in a completely non-sexual pose looking elegant really shows that women are just playthings for men." Totally. I do not 'display myself' in photos or in shows. I advertise makeup and clothes. Soooo degrading and sleazy. By the way, I'm fully aware that I'm feeding the trolls. I find it fun.


Wow, she has beautiful skin. I head she shaves her pussy so it's polished and round like a pair of fresh bagles squeezed together. I'd like to shoot a little Max Wax on her. Kinda like licking the whole of a glaze donut! Go Lindsey, Americas next sex porn star!


It seem's to me that hannah is more of a women than lindsey,you can just look at hannah and see the sophistercation as lindsey you see another kind of girl in lindesy that I shall respect the airwave's and not use that kind of terminalagy..lindsey is a CRY BABYYYYYYY


Cat, don't get your panties in a bunch. I like models, don't you think displaying yourself for photos is objectification? Women have forgotten their place in life, to please their men!


@Nick - Um, feminine side? Feminine side would be wearing a pretty dress and some cute heels or something, not posing like a slut with hardly any clothes on. That's called 'treating oneself as a sexual object to men'. Objectification of women isn't feminine or beautiful. It's trashy and cheap. And no, I'm not ugly (before anyone else gets on that bandwagon), I'm actually a model. I'm pretty sure that means I'm not ugly.


Ohhhhh Diane....PLEEEASE! You need to lighten up. Why can't a woman should show her famanine side? Have you all lost touch of who you are?


My 8 year old niece has been so inspired by the athletic talent and focus of these incredible young women athletes. She saw all the pictures Lindsey, Hannah & Tanith sported...Now she doesn't know if she wants to work that hard to earn a medal if she has to "take her clothes off" too! sad.


I'd go down on her anyday....look at the MUF on her! Yahooooo! All you angry women need a picket rocket! Lindsey has what it takes to make a man hard!


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