Lindsey Vonn Sports Illustrated Cover: Sexist or Sexy?

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The latest issue of Sports Illustrated dubs Lindsey Vonn as "America's Best Woman Skier Ever."

If any controversy were to arise over this issue, you'd think this statement would be the cause. But there's no room for debate, considering Vonn is the first U.S. woman to win back-to-back overall World Cup championships.

Instead, Vonn's pose is creating a stir. It's not difficult to see why:

Lindsey Vonn SI Cover

The question at stake is a common refrain when female athletes are depicted in a sexual manner:

Is this objectifying them, or celebrating them? Is is sexist to highlight Vonn's beauty, or merely the job of any photographer to bring out what's most attractive about a subject?

An editorial on reports that only 4% of Sports Illustrated covers feature women and these "are more likely than not to be in sexualized poses and not in action - and the most recent Vonn cover is no exception."

Then again, Danica Patrick has never been shy about playing up her sexuality - and it's led to a surge in popularity for her sport and for herself.

SI has clearly tilted the photo above to highlight Vonn's... assets. Is this right or wrong? Do you think the cover shot is sexist?

For a contrast, we've posted a photo of Vonn ran by The New York Times this week. Check it out below.

Lindsey Vonn Picture

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Obviously some of you don't know what ski racing is. THAT picture is of her in a TUCK. EVERY racer is accustomed to that position MEN and WOMEN included. I race myself, so me looking at this picture doesn't make me think its meant to be sexual at all, because that is something were used to. any ski racer can look at this picture and think that it's absolutely fine, AND IT IS. it's ridiculous if you think it's not appropriate.


I don't think it is an attractive picture. The emphasis is on her butt, not on her sking ability. One photo taken when she coming down the hill would be more appealing. She is beautiful and a talented skier and should be portrayed as such. Leave it up to men to come up with a picture that detracts from her talent.


The point is, you dumbasses, is that she didn't NEED to be put in that position. You don't think these things are meticulously thought-through on how to pose subjects for a photo? It's COMPLETELY suggestive, there is no question about it. If they wanted to feature her in her downhill form they could have just chosen a cool, badass action shot. That pic is SUGGESTIVE of the doggie style sex postion. The End. It's SI ffs, you think they don't know that?


Why should a woman always be highlighted for her beauty or sex instead of her greatness and achievements (like men are) It's totally objectified, that cover, even if Lindsay doesn't agree and set up the photoshoot herself. Why couldn't it be just a shot of her standing proudly towards the camera? Why? Because men can't be interested in women, in celebrating them, in hero-worshipping them, unless they are on their knees giving them a BJ or half naked, pulling down their underwear. It's ridiculous and everyone knows it. But sex sells, just like it always has, and women make up like 90% of that 'sex'. Always.


Lindsey is the #1 American skier,and evidently her handlers thought that she struck the right pose.This copy of S.I. will one day will be a collector's item!!


It's all for the money - remember that - the olympics this year is ALL about marketing and money - don't think otherwise. Argh!


Im a guy, i was looking for this so called sexy photo of her, and this is what the fuss is about!? Are you kidding me haha do feminists have so little to complain about these days that this cover photo is on there radar? There is nothing sexy about this photo, if i had an erection its completely gone now. If she was arching her back i could see this being sexist, but a woman's but sticking out like that is not sexy, hate to break it you all you lady's, but there is nothing attractive about that position. Of course this is all just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt.


Helmet off so you can see her face, posing in the traditional "TUCK" so you can actually see her rather than speeding by at 80 mph with a background that doesn't provide for an optimal picture.
Sad to think there are so many ignorant people, and ignorant people in the news media breaking stories of controversy, still out there trying to stir things up, scraping at anything they can fabricate to make a story that is controversial. Vonn is beautiful and sexy but that is SECOND to her athletic ability and sheer amazing skiing ability.
Those who are making a big stink about this photo should have a ski rammed up their.......


I am a bit confused? Is Ms. Vonn not in the sports streamlined form (with exception to the hair and makeup)? I am amused by the fact; if Ms. Vonn was average looking there would be silence. Why is it that a telented athlete who is also beautiful is a target for the sake of sexism? You are all correct as it is cleary sexist and or sexism but on the part of those whom speak out against a photo and magazine cover that clearly define who and what sport is represented. It is sexism snd/or sexist to matter of factly blast away and leach your "cause" by insulting business and athletes in your own twisted take on what is reality. That mindset is exactly why you can sue for spilling hot coffee on yourself! JBB

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