James Watson: Dating Jamie Lynn Spears

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Look out, Hayden Panettiere: Jamie Lynn Spears is coming after your title of the Hollywood's Most Ambitious Anti-Cougar.

In its current issue, Star Magazine reports that Britney's 18-year old sister has moved on from her baby's daddy, Casey Aldridge, and into the arms of a 28-year old named James Watson.

A Jamie Lynn Pic!

He owns a company called Advanced Multimedia Partners and "installs communications equipment and high-definition TVs for large corporations," a source says, adding: "James enjoys making money  - and enjoys spending it, too."

NO LONGER OK: Despite the presence of a camera, fresh muffins and a newly-brewed pot of coffee in their kitchen, Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge somehow did not make it as a couple.

The couple started dating in December, which doesn't come as a surprise to those that know Jamie Lynn.

"Even when she was pregnant, she didn't really see a future with [Casey]," a friend said. "She only gave the impression of staying with him so long because it looked better in the eyes of the public."

That seems morally wrong, doesn't it? That's not the sort of thing Sarah Palin would ever force her own knocked up daughter to do because... oh, wait. Nevermind.

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hey jamie will you date me becase nobody likes me and im 8 yeas old.comment back.


I think ya'll should probably hush and not act like you are so perfect. I'm sure ya'll were having sex at 16 as well you just got lucky. She's a good mom and works hard so until you are in her shoes I wouldn't be judging her.


she bugs me like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so she has a baby when she was 16 years old and she had a t.v show at the time she is such a crazy 20 year old why is she 20 years olds it's crazy if you think i'm right please tell me and if you don't that is ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]


he bem espertinha emgravidar aos 16 anos....
mais coitada....acabou a vida dela....
(pillz t curti!)


ummm helllooo shes 16 and she gets knocked up and she thinks everything is gonna be wonderful glamerous wonderland im gonna have a child. IF she wasnt rich and famous she would be royally @#@#@ed i call that a stupid little brainless girl who wants a little attention!


She needs someone to be a father figure for her child! Leave her alone!


Heey jamie lynn My cuzzin had her baby one she was 16 old years to ahaha


Jamie Lynn seems like a sweet young lady! Wish her the best! Casey cheated and continue his foolishness. So leave Jamie Lynn alone!


peres..is that you moonlighting again???