Casey James: American Idol Jailbird

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When Casey James auditioned for American Idol in Denver, he was asked to remove his shirt. The judges, especially Kara DioGuardi and Victoria Beckham, wanted to take a close look at this contestant.

If only producers had done the same.

Radar Online reports that James has a criminal background and has actually served time in county jail. His offenses include: driving while intoxicated, driving with an invalid license and reckless driving.

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In November 2001, the aspiring singer pled guilty to reckless driving, was fined $200 and spent 30 days in jail.

Then, in December 2002, he was arrested for DUI and operating a vehicle with an invalid license. He pled guilty again and was sentenced to 105 total days in jail.

Does this make Casey a bad person? Of course not. But you'd think American Idol would avoid featuring any contestant with a criminal record, even if he does have a body that DioGuardi and Beckham openly swooned over.

James isn't the only rumored semifinalist with a scandalous past. Todrick Hall came under fire a few years ago for possibly scamming a few families out of thousands of dollars.

Should Idol cut James loose? You tell us.


Shame on you for bringing this up, so he made some bad decisions so we should punish him for the rest of his life. Thank you american idol for giving him a new fresh start. Maybe now he can travel a better road. Sometimes thats all people need is a chance to grow and flourish. Hmmm are your closests empty? Whats your skeleton?


This guy has done nothing for gods sake. Nothing that the usual teen doesn't do. Can't believe you even ran with this story. He has done less than out current president....


I would bet a hundred bucks that who ever wrote about casey getting a dui has a dui themselves, among other stupid crap they have done. Its so sad that people have to try and tear people down and then throwing their own stupid ass opinions in by saying fox should cut him loose! GET A LIFE, JEALOUSY IS UGLY!


All through the season this guy has remained cool.He seems like a class A guy.Ivoted for crystal but this guy is good.we have a lot of gray haired rock stars reaching retirement.{Its all over now] I saw casey in toledo hind kicking guitar. let it go


Casey, you are the hottest, my favorite musician ever. Stay sweet and just like you are I LOVE YOU


He would have only been around 18 when he committed these offenses. Everybody is stupid at 18. Looks like someone was just desperate to dig up some dirt and get some attention!


I think if society were more inclined to allow people to put their past behind them and move on unhindered, there might be a lot less serious crimes and repeat offenders. Everyone makes mistakes in life, to be continually dragged back to those less than spectacular moments and forced to continue to pay for them pushes a lot of people into an area where they have no other choice if they and their families are to survive. Casey paid for his crime, and has not been in trouble for 8 years, give it a break. One only has to look at the history of public performers, both in music and acting to see that many have come from less than privileged and pure backgrounds...some can move away from that and build a better life, some are stuck in their torment. Casey obviously is not one who is stuck and doomed to repeat his mistakes.


I think everyone has a past. A DUI that he spent time for, is done. It is over. He can avoid making the same mistake. Any person new to alcohol can make this mistake. He sings in a band for a living, gee, can we give the guy a break. I call this "soft time." Not hard jail time. Keep him on. Do you know any celebrity that doesn't drink? Please share.


I think the show is about talent, There is always someone ready to bring people down. Who ever come up with this question is one of them . I take it your only talent is spreading mud. NOT NICE look at the good . Kasey has so much going for him , his music, his voice his unbelievable talent with the guitar, i hope to here and see him again, I would buy his music as with Crystels, there voice sends shivers through me .


Casey, you were my favorite. How talented you are! I think you would do well singing some of Eric Clapton's songs. Your voice and musican skills reminds me of him.

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