A Very Speidi Valentine's Day

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag never let a holiday go by without the obligatory photo shoot. Or the obligatory plastic surgery or 10 in her case. Just disgusting.

What would Valentine's Day be without a pimp treating his favorite ho to a romantic suite in the Ceasar's Palace resort, decorated by Frederick's of Hollywood?

Nothing, if you're Speidi.

The latest round of Heidi Montag plastic surgery was on full display in Sin City. As you can see, Spencer Pratt's cash cow is now more cyborg than human ...

The Princess of Plastic Surgery

As you can see in the photo gallery below (if you have a strong stomach), The Hills star received numerous gifts, including basques, a babydoll nightdress, heart embellished stockings, Champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries.


Later in the evening, Heidi and Spencer Pratt hosted a Valentine's bash at the resort's Pure nightclub. After that? You don't even wanna know what happened.

It likely involved Heidi Montag nude. Just saying. We don't have that here, but close. Click to enlarge this display of grossness from the gruesome twosome ...

Pimp and Hoe
Spreading it Out
The Final Rose 2 Night
Heidi and Spencer in Vegas
Ready to Ride Spencer
Sealed with a Kiss

[Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]


She obviously has self esteem issues. The sad thing is she looked amazing before all the plastic surgery. She will only go downhill from this point on. I can't even imagine what she is going to look like in 10 years. She obviously needs a lot of help and a HUGE reality check. She is living in a fantasy world and has no idea who she really is.


get real bitch and sort urself out u stupid whore ur a publicity hungry airhead get a fucking grip


guity2, this is the most lucid statement I have read about these two. I really though that Heidi was a beautiful young lady when I


I just threw up.


Her boobs look horrible. A good plastic surgeon is supposed to do work that isn't obvious. A good onr also refuses to over-stuff boobs and lips. She looks gross, like some kind of weird blow-up doll for pervs.


OMG woman. Put your dildo IN your purse!! In the first photo she is clearly holding a dildo in the same hand with her purse!!!


Very, very gross. That's just disgusting. Boobs to big, cyborg like face- eww


Oh gosh. I thought once the swelling went down she'd look okay. Poor girl, she looks terrible.


I know it's mean...but she looks like a drag queen...


All this hating on Heidi is making me feel guilty. I have watched this trainwreck in amazement and shared a few giggles with you but now it getting too much. She's obviously in a very fragile mental state and all this criticism would only feed her insecurities. Her life has got to be miserable and sadly she will find out surgery isn't going to improve it. She's not unattractive (definately nicer pre surgery). Heidi's looking for acceptance and love, but sadly she doesn't know it has to come from within . . . it's time to give her a break (nobody likes a bully). . . isn't it punishment enough that she married that tool Spencer.

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