Tila Tequila Twitter Ticker: Possible Pregnancy Ahead!

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Breaking, almost definitely made-up news: Tila Tequila is pregnant!

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    I thought she had said she was going to be a surrogate mother for her brother. If that is the case, and she is carrying the child for he and his wife or girlfriend who can not carry a child, why is she calling it her baby and saying that it's all that she has left? A surrogate mother does not claim the child they carry as theirs nor imply that it's theirs to "have". Surrogates know that once the baby is born, they no longer have responsibility or "possession" of the child. Tila needs counseling. Fast. Hope her brother had a contract to protect his and his wife's rights to this child. Unless it is in fact Tila's child then I hope the baby's father steps in to save it from this womans madness.


    Ignorance, stupidity, bad grammar, and pregnant by another woman? Fur cryin out loud!


    Tila, you're nasty. How in the hell you represent the Vietnamese like that? you are so stupid. You're the one who drag yourself into this media and now asking ppl to leave you alone? Hell NO, they will NOT leave you alone, not until you disappear out of the media STUPID!!!! I am Vietnamese and gay but you're just a NASTY bi


    what a deeply troubled individual she is


    This chick needs some serious help/therapy. Who is she exactly?? I mean, I know who she is but why is she so important all of a sudden. And why the pity party from her? Selfish in my eyes, your supposed eternal love dies, and it's all about you? OK. Then even IF she is pregnant it's not from the other woman,duh. I think she is so self absorbed, and tries to act like she's got it all together when she's nothing but a train wreck. Yet for some reason she's the talk of the tabloids. I bet she's loving that attention too.


    oh my God!! she's disgusting.. pregnant?? ew!! she's a true whore LOL


    Tila needs a big time out from the internet.


    Oh Tila, I don't feel bad for you. I hope you cry yourself to death.


    Tila get an abortion and go away. Please. You are so annoying.


    Tila Tequila is an attention whore! End of story

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