Robert Pattinson in Remember Me: New Photos Released

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On March 12, Robert Pattinson does something even more disturbing than smoking cigarettes in a magazine pictoral.

The actor stars in Remember Me as a character that can walk through the sunlight without glistening and make love to his girlfriend without sucking down her blood.

It's a pretty big change from his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga, and so is this: Pattinson's Tyler snuggles up to someone on camera that is NOT Kristen Stewart. We'll give you a few moments to let that sink in (and to send hate mail to Emilie de Ravin)...

Fortunately, one thing remains the same about Pattinson in Remember Me: his dashing good looks. The movie stills below are proof of that...


Well going to get real dehydrated from throwing up, cos Rob has still got plenty movies to put on your big boy undies/big girl panties and DEAL WITH IT ok??!!


OMFG Robert is so bad at acting it make me want to throw up


I read the script - take your hankies! Robert is awesome, can't wait for Remember Me.
March can't come soon enough!


daniella hates robert patterson but sam (samantha) loves him. btw he is the WORST


The movie looks cool. I liked the script.


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