Robert Pattinson: A Bad Role Model?

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The effect Robert Pattinson has on his young fans is clear.

They scream in the streets for him; they camp out for days to attend his movie premieres; they buy posters, shirts and all kinds of apparel with his face on it; they help him sky-rocket to the A-list and be considered for a new franchise lead.

In short, whether Pattinson asks for it or whether he deserves it, this fact is undeniable: he influences million of people.

With that in mind, it's difficult to not be taken aback when looking at a couple outtakes from the actor's photo shoot with Wonderland Magazine. These never made it into the publication, but Pattinson didn't know that would be the case when he stuck a lit cigarette into his mouth and posed for them:

Is Robert well within his rights to smoke? Of course.

But was it really necessary to do so as part of a pictorial that would be viewed around the world? Unless Pattinson was trying to prove that even he's capable of looking ugly, we say no, not at all. It was a dumb decision.

What do you say? Does smoking in such a manner make Pattinson a bad role model?


who cares about smoking smoking doesernt make anyone look ugly if they wnt 2 smoke let them smoke i smoke half the people smoke of the twilight cast crew everybody has a least tried smoking once. get the f**k over it


Damn you Pattinson!why are you showing our kids that Love you so much that it is ok to smoke?I maen my sister has you all over her wall next to taylor and everybody.She looks up to you and now you are telling her its ok to smoke?

Vikki lou

oh for fucks sake he's having a bloody fag not snorting a line of coke!! I love amy winehouse but im not going to go smoking crack any time soon!!!!!!


you realise these pictures were taken years ago, right? if anything, you should have used the new vanity fair ones as an example. just an idea.


Everyone knows that he (and millions of people) smoke!!
The only thing I have to say is OMG his hair!! I LOVE IT!! :)


Robert smokes...oh my God!!! but he`s a wonderfull man...and I love him


Capable of looking ugly? Uh, what? He's been ugly for quite a while now. Take a shower, Rob!


Stars don't influence kids?? Rose Cipollone started smoking in 1942, when she was 16 years old. Each morning, on her way to Washington Irving High School in Manhattan, she bought 3 Chesterfields at the candy store near the el station at 116th Street and Third Avenue. Smoking them, she would later explain, made her feel like the movie stars she read about in True Story and Photoplay. ''I thought that it was cool to smoke, and grown up, and I was going to be glamorous or beautiful,'' she would recall. ''I thought I would be Joan Crawford or Bette Davis.'' Forty-two years after she began smoking, Mrs. Cipollone died of lung cancer.


He can do whatever he wants! Love him!!!


Yes, he's a very bad influence on my mum. Mum, first u fancy a 17 year old, and now you're gonna take up smoking.


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