Richard Heene Jailed; World Celebrates

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Few things are as entertaining as celebrity mug shots. But as far as booking photos of the notorious go, the one below is immediately one of our favorites.

That's because it was taken when Richard Heene went to prison.

The father of Falcon Heene and perpetrator of the Balloon Boy hoax was photographed after turning himself in to the Larimer County Detention Center.

Richard pleaded guilty to charges of telling the world his son was in danger just to get a reality show falsely attempting to influence a public servant.

He will spend 90 days behind bars, or not nearly long enough.

See you in 90 days, Richard Heene (unfortunately).


I agree tolagirl, and too bad for his kids because these idiots have mad them into little monsters. If you have seen the show they were on(wife swap I believe). No manners, using every word in the book, rude, etc. and the parents don't stop it they encourage it by laughing, high fiving, etc. This guy's expression sums him up to a tee. Cocky, selfish, rude, uncaring..........the list goes on.


A very light sentence for a very stupid man. He has the look of a hateful jerk. Too bad for his kids - both parents are total idiots. Maybe the media will get over this by the time the parents are released.