Richard Heene: Balloon Boy Hoax Not a Hoax!

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We thought the book was closed on Richard Heene. We should be so lucky.

Sadly, none other than Balloon Boy's dad is back in our faces again, denying in an interview with Larry King that his infamous hoax was a hoax at all.

What an ass clown.

In the interview with Larry King set to air Friday, Richard Heene insisted that he truly believed son Falcon was inside the runaway homemade craft.

In other words, the Balloon Boy hoax was not a hoax. Yeah, right.

"We had searched high and low," Heene said, pretending to get all choked up. "I knew he was in the craft. In my mind, there was no other place."

Richard Heene begins a 90-day jail sentence Monday.

So why, if he's so virtuous, would Heene plead guilty to felony charges and accept jail time for the stunt? Well, because it's all his wife's damn fault!

Richard said he copped a plea protect wife Mayumi Heene, who would have faced deportation back to Japan if she had been convicted of a felony.

Instead, as part of the plea agreement, the Balloon Mom ended up pleading guilty to misdemeanor - making a false report - and got 20 days in jail.

"I'm not disputing the fact that I did have to plead guilty, and when I say I have to, I had to do it to save my family and save my wife," Richard said.

If he were innocent, no one would be convicted of anything, of course. Details.

Unfortunately for this waste of oxygen, his "revelation" comes just days before he's due to report to jail, meaning no more interviews. How tragic.

Follow the jump for a clip of Heene lying through his teeth and attempting to milk a 16th minute of fame on Larry King Live if you can stomach it:

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Worst... Actor... Ever...


I don't even understand why we are giving this guy a microphone/platform to speak. We just don't hear enough about good things people do, no--let's interview this guy instead, it will get viewers, and viewers means money for the station.


It looks like you guys are doing the miling for him...this is not news, just a waste of space....irrelevant