Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: Possibly Broken Up Again!

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Earlier this week, Jessica Biel scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro.

No matter what you think of the actress' skills or her seemingly dour public demeanor, this is an astounding accomplishment, one undertaken to draw attention to the global water crisis.

Despite the feat and the message, though, Biel can't climb above the celebrity gossip fray. As soon as she (and Emile Hirsch and Isabel Lucas) reached the top of the mountain, new reports surfaced that her relationship with Justin Timberlake was over.

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There's not much to the latest rumor. It's being spread by Hollyscoop.com, which simply states Timberlake had planned on accompanying Biel on her trip to Africa. Alas, he did not.

So, where is the sexy singer? In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, sources say. What does this prove about his relationship with Jessica? Nothing.

This isn't the first time insiders have claimed this pair is no longer together. In September, reports linked JT to Rihanna, a dream hook-up that never came close to materializing.

Is it really so difficult to believe that Justin and Jessica are simply a normal, boring couple? Must "journalists" continue to create controversy between the two, simply because there's no actual public drama to write about?

Sadly, it seems that way.


I agree with Fred.^up above^. Justin Timberlake does break up and blow through girlfriends like air. I'm not trying to be mean, but that is true, Justin Timberlake is so "OLD" now that no one wants him but, "OLD people". Everyone, even me, have traded him up for the sexy young new singer Justin Beiber!!! I also agree with Mari.^up above^. When you see smoke(in their relationship) there's a fire(there are arguments and fights). All Justin and Jesscia try to do is blow away the smoke so paparazi's can't see it. Not to be mean, because I do like both of them, but as everyone can see their not going to last.


I'm sry but "WTF" this just further proof the me in Hollywood are freakin Idiots. c'mon Jessica Biel? She is THE HOTTEST Lady in Hollywood and Justin is the biggest Dickhead. Oh and Jesse you're an idiot to you f'in putz


i am sad because jessica biel and justim timerlake are good couple and good life.. jessica biel real love justin timberlake very much




I knew from the very beginning it would never last. I am surprised that Jessica did not know it! Dustin goes through girls like water. But one day he will be old and no woman in her right mind will want him!


Yes they are an ultra boring couple and he could do wayyy better - besides that, there are constant breakup rumors because their "relationship" in in trouble. Where there is smoke there is fire. ;)


i completly agree i mean how many times is justin and jessica going to break up!!! aleast find something worth writting and make sure youre inside sources are actually the truth its like you journists got absolutly nothing to write about so they jst repeat the same old boring stuff!

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