Justin Gaston Mourns Loss of Miley Cyrus Via Song

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Miley Cyrus may have moved on to Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, but the singer has left a broken-hearted underwear model in her wake.

For the first time since his break-up with the Disney icon, Justin Gaston is speaking out about the empty void inside his chiseled chest.

"You can always tell when someone's getting ready to leave you," he told E! News, "but you try so hard not to believe it and to hold on to every bit of hope that's left. I think everyone experiences the side of being hurt where you feel like you'll never feel again."

Come on, dude. How difficult can it be to move on from Miley Cyrus?

Lonely Road
Miley and Puppy

Fortunately, Gaston is an aspiring musician with two outlets for his pain.

First, he's signed on for a new online reality show, If I Can Dream.

Second, he's penned a song titled "Paper Hearts," which insiders say was strongly influenced by his breakup with Cyrus. Said Justin:

"You realize that life goes on, and you move on. You look back at it and laugh."

That's how we feel when staring at Miley's ridiculous furry purse above. Below, meanwhile, you can actually watch Gaston sing the aforementioned, Miley-inspired single.


The SONG was INSPIRED by his break up with Miley. I think he's well over it. The writer of this blog is unoriginal in picking on Miss Cyrus.


I am working on a song its called love sucks Fuck fuck fuck
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who is so rude
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Miley is a sucessful person. GO MILEY!!!!


I think Miley is awesome she is sooo cool. And Justin totally need to get over it Miley is way too good for him anyways. LoveYa Miley xox


wow. its been like a year. he needs to get over it.


cute dog and anyone would kill to be miley guy or girl


ha ha ha M you must not know by now. Miley is a retard. Shes ulgy and she thinks were gonna buy her cds and stupid clothes from wal mart. Hunny I could be doin the same thing if my daddy was billy ray cryus. Are you gettin it by now??? Thats the only reason she ismaking her mola. I dont wish to be Miley. I luv myself. Money is all she ever wanted was attention and mola. Because she always does something says shes sourry and does it over. Like I care I have my own life. Not hers. PAHLEEZE


You all shut-up miley is better than him he's no bodey miely is no=1 did you see how he looks miley did the right thing she wrong to go out with an older than her if he was older than her by year or tow but five who is stupid to trust that dumy


Gee who could be stupid enough to wanna be with miley? She probally smells bad as she looks


where does one sign up to date this hottie? Dude you can do so much better than that ug face teen. love the song & your singing, though.

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