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One Tree Hill? Try One Police Plaza!

Actor Antwon Tanner has just been sentenced to three months in prison after selling social security numbers to an undercover detective in a sting operation.

Tanner, who has uttered many cheesy One Tree Hill quotes as basketball coach Skills on the show, pleaded guilty back in August 2009 to the alleged offense.

He gave out more than a dozen social security numbers for $10,000.

NO SKILLS: What would Nathan and Haley say, Antwon?

Tanner claims he was only the “middleman,” but the judge ordered him to jail beginning on April 30. Following his sentence, he will serve five months home detention.

The actor described the incident as “an embarrassment” to his family and fans. His lawyer blamed it on “stupidity.” Hard to argue with either of those assessments.

Does the CW really pay that little, though? Tanner reportedly suffered financial problems in recent years and lost a $1 million house in California to foreclosure.

Always helps when you pay your California mortgage loan, A.