Haters Ramp Up Criticism of Heidi Montag

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Following an epically disgusting plastic surgery bonanza that made her more Barbie than human, the Heidi Montag haters are coming out of the woodwork.

Not that they were really in any sort of woodwork, or the latest round of Heidi Montag plastic surgery disfigured her that much more than the previous 12.

But you get the idea.

The gross reality star underwent a staggering 10 operations November 20, and has received a deluge of hate mail and criticism since revealing that fact.

Rumors that she did it as a career move, and that she's getting her mom some surgery for Mother's Day haven't exactly helped Heidi from a PR standpoint.

Negative reaction to her extreme makeover has left Montag feeling down that husband Spencer Pratt has had to step in to cheer her up. What a nice guy.

Sliced and Diced Pretty Hard

CAT LADY: Heidi's new fake mouth hasn't smiled much lately.

“Spencer ordered seven bunches of flowers to cheer up Heidi after she received a letter saying her plastic surgery was against God’s will,” a source said.

“Heidi’s a very spiritual girl, so this kind of criticism really stings.”

She really is. Girl does everything with God as the top priority.

Spencer Pratt may be putting on a happy face, but he isn’t happy with Heidi’s, the source says. “She looks like Cat Lady ... It’s all a little too much."


“Spencer loved how Heidi looked before this surgery. Because she’s still swollen and the surgery hasn’t fully settled yet ... he’s a bit shocked.”


hell, I've had my nose done, and never once have I regretted it. I did it for the right reason:Because I wanted to. My husband objected, but I paid for it, he didn't. I was happier with it afterward, so that's what counts. I felt better. I wasn't ugly or anything before I had it done, but my nose always bugged me.So far, no condemnation from God regarding my decision.But Heidi was pretty before, I doagree. But if she's happier, who does it really hurt or concern in any way?If she's happy, good for her!


I think it is so pathetic that she would spend all this money to try to be "perfect". If she has all this extra cash she could have donated it to the Haiti relief or helped feed starving kids in Africa, or go to University to fill her empty soul with knowledge rather than undergoing unnecessary surgery to try to fit in to the ridiculous idea of "American beauty". What about all the burn victims who actually NEED plastic surgery and can't afford it. She makes me absolutely sick to my stomach! I wish the media would stop paying attention to vacant morons like this, it only encourages them.


Sus I so agree!


Hellion, you say "in your expert opinion", so i take you're a plastic surgeon? can't believe how arrogant and pigheaded some people can be. you're worse than any of the sheep out there, you're one of those people who think they should lead when they haven't got a clue.


Why not spend the money on something like cancer research, kids with no homes, the people of Haiti. It'll most likely make you feel a lot more better about yourself.... You might think I would do exactly what you would do with all the plastic surgery but, hell no....that's a waste of time and money.


This is obviously a young woman with very low self-estime, and I bet it won't get any better when reading crap about herself everyday.
Is she a fake? Maybe - but she, at a relatively young age, got under the influence of a man, who has so clearly messed with her head in so many ways.
Who will she be, when he has had enough of her?


this girl is pathetic, Spencer has brain washed her and now shes ruined her outsides what part of heidi is left? her poor mum!

Vikki lou

In the U.K we call people pratts, this is the same as calling someone a asshole, Now having been blessed with the name pratt there surely living up to it UK stylee!!


whoever said she looks better now rather than before the surgery .. IS CRAZY! she looks 10 years older now.


Her plastic surgeon said in an interview that Heidi is trying to become the next "bombshell" or fill some preceived "void" in Hollywood for blonde starlets (ie: Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot) Too bad for Heidi that these women's faces and figures were naturally beautiful and sexy. Obviously plastic surgery can't morph someone into a beauty icon just by attempting to copy their features by adding and subtracting here and there. Heidi doesn't look bad,(except the huge breasts are too matronly) she just looks like is trying too hard. Very fake.


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