Brittany Murphy 911 Call: Released, Gut-Wrenching

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The 911 call made the day Brittany Murphy died, in which her mom can be heard crying to the dispatcher, is as upsetting as you would imagine it is.

"My daughter is passed out," Sharon Murphy pleads as a composed 911 operator tries to instruct her mom and another person how to perform CPR.

The other person there is presumably Simon Monjack, Brittany's husband.

Describing the situation, Sharon says her 32-year-old daughter was walking around dizzy at one point and "couldn't walk right. She's had a cold."

Brittany Murphy died December 20. A cause has not been determined.

You can listen to the Brittany Murphy 911 call below, but please be forewarned, it is tragic. The devastation her poor mom felt is palpable ...


"I just have a question? how did they know this was Brittany's mom?" She says at the beginning of the call "my daughter has passed out" go figure.


to pak31 Britney's mom's voice goes from panic to calm because the paramedics were at the gate, it is a sense of relief and hope thats in her voice that is the most heartbreaking . she is relieved because proffessional help is there and just might save her daughter. leave the EMT guy alone that poor guy feels things but is trained not to deal with the emoition of it till later im sure he was very upset a robot could hear that 911 tape and cry its first real tears. to Brits mom im sorry i listened to your pain it was not my place may you find peace and comfort soon.


I listened to the 911 call. How devastating for this mother. She followed the instructions of the dispatcher with incredible poise. Her words were loving to all even in her darkest distress. I believe the dispatcher conducted himself with utmost respect to his job and the circumstance. He also gave the family some sort of hope until the paramadics arrived. This is a situation one should not to be to quick to judge unless you have experienced it first hand.
With Deepest Sympathy for the loss of your child, wife and/or mother. God has another angel by his side.


Why are you complaining about the release of the 911 call - you listened to it didn't you?


Who has a defibrillator available if they are calling 911?


OH my god! This thing to the dispatcher is really really bad! Why should this dispather even still have his job and everything! It seems like he did not know what he was doing in the way of his job! This 911 call should have not even been made public. Helath Ledger's was not released and why would they do this to this family. I think that it was sad that her mom was like that to the 911 operatier! RIP Britiney!


mv, there was a point at the beginning where the woman said "my daughter's passed out" and then in the call later you hear her scream "Brittany don't die" or something like that. I believe that 911 calls become public record, or am I wrong?
As for m.b.'s comment, it just shows the ignorance of this person. Especially the mean name calling without knowing 911 operator's guidelines. I find the call sad, I know they were in a panic, but the mom goes from freaking out to calm within seconds, it's really strange. I just can't believe how scary that must be in those moments that you call until the paramedics arrive. Time is so critical, very sad.


I just have a question? how did they know this was brittany's mom? i dindt heard her name being said or the name of britanny? it is upsetting that the media is publishing this, it doesnt matter if she was famous this was a very tragic incident, this call wasnt suppose to be private? i tried to watch (hear) the video because curiosity won over me but i couldn't continue this is shocking


M.B., You are stupid and useless.
According to the guidelines of EMS dispatching, he followed them to a tee, asked the correct questions and remained calm so that he could rely the instructions effectively. You don't have a freakin clue on what it takes. You must go through life shooting your mouth off and looking like a total ass. Your family must be so proud.


He is doing things right. God this is terrible.

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