Amber Rose Fashion: The Trainwreck Continues

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This is getting ridiculous, Amber Rose.

What began as a quirky movement against PETA has transitioned into something truly horrible: a run on fashion so abysmal that it's giving Lady GaGa a run for her outlandish money.

Kylie Jenner Fashion

Yesterday, Kanye West's girlfriend was spotted in some sort of skinsuit that can only be described as... some sort of skinsuit.

Today, as her and her man continue to tour Paris Fashion Week, Rose donned an outfit that - to quote Kanye - was anything but the best of all-time. Take a look:

Seriously, Amber, leave the goofy fashion to GaGa. What are you gonna steal next from her, a rumored penis?


Wow. Such Haters. lmao. She does her thing fashionably. Her style is more Haute couture so if u r looking at the XXL n VIBE mags, lol you hood burgers wouldnt even know nothing about it. Smh. Lol. Hating dont suit u boo, stop it


West must be starting to get insecure or something. Isn't she normaly bare-ass naked save for a napkin of fabric here or there?


she looks like a complete dick


Stop ass licking Gaga. What she does isn't fashion, she's just a freak. Amber can dress how she likes.


She's a little under-dressed for the Crusades! Where the armour and sword?


She is a Manly-man!

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