Amber Rose and Kanye West: Friends with Fur

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Excuse us, Kanye. We're gonna let you wear that outfit, but we just have to say:

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    Cute! I love both Kanye and Amber, and think they look good in fur. If PETA criticizes them , they are going to get it .Kanye and Amber, you rock!


    Kanye West is my life and I'll always look up to him, but fur is so morally incorrect.


    DISGUSTING! I think people who wear fur should be fined. Anyone who wears fur, obviously does care about the cruelty and suffering of animals, and is therefore FOR it. That is sick. And dont argue back saying, 'but you eat meat, thats just as bad.....' NO! If they killed and ate the animal with their own hands and then decided to wear the fur then thats fine i suppose, because that is nature. Thousands of years ago, that is what humans and a lot of animals themselves would do. We eat to survive. Fair enough. But when you have people going out to purposely kill animals, just for their fur or other parts and to make money - that is sick. Or purposely breeding animals for their fur. That is not natural. You cannot say that is the right thing to do.


    It's a shame - you all have good points - cave men wore fur and Amber's coat is gorgeous against her skin strange as she and Kanye are -she opens her mouth and the ghetto comes out sadly.........beautiful face though - - . People are better to animals than to one another and I agree with for-real-tho whole heartedly.........


    hottie who murdered that poor little chicken you ate for dinner and then you went to sleep on a pillow made with her feathers. you're a murderer. and stop wearing them leather shoes some poor cow made possible for you.


    they r animal murderers!!!!!


    people have been wearing fur & animal skin for how long, since people began dressing, lol....if you want to talk about injustices done, look into the backroom deals and missappropriated funds from the bailouts handled by our country's administration....


    The same people who criticize people for WEARING fur, DOES NOTHING about the MILLIONS AND BILLIONS of cats, dogs, and other animals being GASSED to death all across the United States.

    At least if their fur is used, it makes more sense than killing them for NO REASON.

    And then we have all these condos and housing developments FORCING ANIMAL LOVERS TO GIVE UP THEIR BIG PETS, and forcing them to send them to their deaths, and the so called animal lovers say nothing about german shepherds, pit bulls, and other wonderful breeds being discriminated against just becase of their breed. SO THESE SO CALLED ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS CAN GO TO HELL FOR ALL I CARE. THEY DID NOTHING TO SAVE MY INNOCENT GERMAN SHEPHERD POOCHIE WHEN I CALLED THEM.


    To quote, "Kenye West is a jackass" ~ Barack Obama.

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