Lady Gaga Speaks on Hermaphrodite Rumors, Her Androgynous Appeal, Sex with Women on 20/20

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With her outrageous getups, sexually-charged songs and blood-soaked performances, Lady Gaga has become a bona fide star at just 23 years of age.

Much has been written about her, but in an interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20 Friday, Gaga said there are some big misconceptions out there.

That she has a penis is one of those misconceptions, but more on that in a moment. What she hates most, she says, is hearing that she is artificial.

"The truth is that every bit of me is devoted to love and art," she said. "I aspire to try to be a teacher to my fans... to liberate them of their fears."

Just Gaga Over Gaga

Asked about lyrics that seem to imply bisexuality, Gaga confirmed that she's had sexual relationships with women, though she's only been in love with men.

Gulp. Turning her attention to the ongoing Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors, the singer put them to rest (sort of) once and for all. This was the exchange:

Barbara Walters: You've heard the rumors going around ... the rumor that you are both a man and a woman?
Lady Gaga: [pause] I'm familiar with it.
Barbara Walters: Is it true?
Lady Gaga: No.

Well, there you have it. Although, asked if she is upset by such rumors, Gaga said her androgynous appeal is a big reason for her success, and doesn't exactly go out of her way to limit that. So believe whatever you want about her!

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i like lady gaga


lady gaga z xo nt a guy just take a luk at her shape


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Maybe the got period then!


Se Lady Gagas e veramente ermafrodita, voglio scommette 100E per guardarla nuda ed il suo pene fuori. Allora si, che posso credere a tutte le cazzate dei mass-media oppure paparazzi bugiardi che si guadagnano per vivere pubblicando solo del falso ideologico per fare illudere i fans di Lady Gagas di questo inutile rumore giornalistico stupido. E allora fatemi vedere la foto di Lady Gagas dotata di pene e forse ci credo. ADDIO...


she is not a man i have met her the only thing is that she wears a wig and says sume gross stuff and did and awsome concert/show thing at the 2009 mtv award thing soo good (creepy too) and she did not have a leg aputated like i sed i have met her for 1 hour

@ lily

Thank god for that i was sreriously worring about that !!
What is she like in person ! Could you email me her autograph please !!!!!!

@ lily



i think lady gaga is most defonently a dude and there is no arguing with that cause i seen the pics and she has a pare...

@ zac



Lol I've always liked lady gaga. But some of the things she wears make me wanna throw up lmao


I LOVE LADY GAGA even if she is man/woman(i totally disagree) dat has nuthn 2 du with the fact that her music is jus only 15 now and for a school project I acutally put i wanted to be like Lady GaGa when I grow up!! talented,beautiful, and very courageous!!!look at her fashion,listen to her, voice, the beat/words......THE LADY IZ THE BEST N THE GAME..
**Anybody dat thinks Beyonce is the "IT" lady...sorry LADY GAGA is TAKEN OVER!!!!!


As soon as I heard the rumor, I knew it was fake. Lady Gaga is the perfect victim for the media. But her being the strong, beautiful, devoted woman she is, just shrugged it off. She is great at what she does, and she is my role model. I can relate to her in many ways. I am not bisexual/homosexual, but I do support them, and I solute you Stephanie Joanna Angelina Germanotta.


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