A Hair-Raising Showdown: Michael Cera vs. Pauly D

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The Jersey Shore cast has gone from a random, juiced-up bunch of ill-tempered meatheads to borderline celebrity status in a span of just a couple of weeks.

Now they're welcoming a new star into the mix.

Actor Michael Cera of Superbad, Juno, Arrested Development and now Youth in Revolt visited the cast and was given a full makeover - Jersey Shore style.

Michael's visit will be shown in series of promos this Thursday while a new episode of Jersey Shore airs. As you can see below, he channels Pauly D's hair.

Whether the lovable actor's hair can hang with the ultimate guido and "Rhode Island's most famous DJ" remains to be seen. Vote in our survey below ...

Michael Cera Photo
DJ Pauly D Pic

Who's got the better hair?


Haters! I love Michael Cera, he's a cutie pie and his movies are hilarious. If you don't like him, don't watch him!


He's NOT funny at all! On top of that, he plays the same awkward dork role in every movie. Enough already!


This little dude isn't funny. On the other hand, I did enjoy Superbad.


Am I the only person that doesn't think that Michael Cera is funny?

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